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I.E.A Routes of Membership Platforms

IEA Membership platforms engage as ‘Certified Professional and International Entrepreneurs’ with a common commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest possible standards in professional development. Membership of the International Entrepreneurs Association puts you on a path of career advancement that leads to the very top of the profession.

It is formed for the purpose to provide the society of business and entrepreneurs with the opportunities to participate, network, collaborate and share new ideas and across projects and in every aspect of business and industry. The main purpose is to indicate routes to the various grades of membership from a variety of starting levels of knowledge and understanding. At IEA believe that these routes will contribute to our continued growth as a respected organization for entrepreneurs.

The IEAs’ membership structure is such that it allows members to move through it at a pace and style that meets their individual needs. The grade of membership route awarded is dependent on your background, as it is important that you demonstrate equivalent knowledge and experience to that required for each grade. Progress is made through a combination of study, examination and experience, culminating in the award of Chartered Membership and the designation of IEA membership licensing status.

Grades of IEA membership are available to those who have achieved recognised levels of academic and occupational success. Depending on the level achieved, applicants will be eligible for anyone of the level of IEA membership outlined in our Routes to Membership.By completing an application for membership and providing as much information as possible regarding this, we can award you the most appropriate grade and set out the pathway you need to take in pursuit of the next one.


I.E.A Chartered Membership' Route


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I.E.A International Membership' Route



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