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IEA' Honorable Internal Membership

  Honorable Internal Members


I.E.A' Investors Panel ( IMIEA-IP )

At the present time, businesses have traditionally lacked access to capital and resources needed to grow their companies. The migrating of one good idea to successful business enterprise can be a long perilous journey. The interest by investors in new business and ideas is unrelenting. Whether it is providing startup capital for a highly speculative R&D venture or expansion financing for an established pre-IPO organization, investment and funding is the essential lifeblood of dynamic growth-oriented companies.

To be successful in the current financing environment, corporate entities large and small need every advantage. Today, most effective advantage exists in timely and accurate funding source information. In part this is driven by the state of the world economy and at the moment the market trends is for more products, instruments and services to invest in. Regardless of the category of investor there is always the interest in being first to assess and invest in a proposal as a ‘Rough Diamond’ that could be the next ‘Billion Dollar’ opportunity.

The aggregate amount of available investment capital has never been greater. Yet, accessing that financing has seldom been more challenging. Fragmentation in the venture community, combined with unprecedented levels of specialization and conservatism among individual firms, has made the acquisition of investment capital more difficult than at any time in recent memory.

To fulfill the needs and requests of the trends, International Entrepreneurs Association will harness this growing collective and channel into a brand new membership services called IEA Investor Panel. IEA Investor Panel is made up of individuals and organizations as professional investors, business angels, VCs, government agencies, public and private institutions including banking and finance representative. IEA Investor Panel was established to give developing companies the platform they need to quickly and efficiently obtain investment capital and funding. The segment of IEA members’ business ideas and development that has been missing is the provision of funding and investment so that the like hood of the IEA members’ business succeeding can be greatly enhanced by IEA Investor Panel.

Our IEA Investor Panel will facilitate the stewardship of IEA member to investor on local, regional or global context and as a virtual service world wide. The underlying principal is that if good business ideas could be introduced to financial backers like IEA Investor Panel at the earliest opportunity a greater chance of success is assured. IEA created this new membership platform in order to help entrepreneurs and investors navigate the rough waters of today's venture capital marketplace. We believe that businesses are the foundation of a community and by helping to build businesses; we are helping to build active, resource-rich communities.