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IEA' Honorable Internal Membership

  Honorable Internal Members


I.E.A' International Membership Platforms

International Entrepreneurs Association ( IEA ) offer a range of an International Member of IEA ( IMIEA ) for all the external society the need of collaborating with IEA. International Membership platform is internationally recognized as a badge of excellence to match your professional experience.

IEA welcomes new members from a diverse range of backgrounds. The International Membership Routes are suitable for participants from a range of backgrounds, including students, entrepreneurs, leaders, investors, and contributors who deal with entrepreneurial issues or investments. The services we provide are designed to support you throughout your career. You need to satisfy yourself that you have the required level of entrepreneurial knowledge before embarking on your career as entrepreneur recognition.

Our international-nominal letters signify to all that you are a professional entrepreneur, well qualified and subject to a rigorous code of conduct. Holders of these letters are committed to the advancement of the entrepreneurial activities and maintain high standards of competence and ethical behaviour.

We are frequently consulted on entrepreneurial issues by government departments, funding bodies, industry and other national and international organisations. Drawing on the breadth of our membership, we are able to produce a balanced response, reflecting the views of the entrepreneurship as a whole.

This membership is eligible for those who are interested to become part of IEA members. Successful candidate will be eligible for the award of the IEA Entrepreneurial Practicing License and the use of the designation of IMIEA.



Youth Chapter of IEA (IMIEA-YC)

With the initiatives and commitment towards helping and educating the youth and students with any opportunities at possible situation, The IEA Youth Chapter will be the ultimate platform for – Developing Ethical Culture and Fostering Corporate Entrepreneurial Practice among Youth”

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Adult Chapter of IEA (IMIEA-AC)

IEA believe in foster the development of the entrepreneurial spirit and to recognize the contribution of entrepreneurs to business and the community. IEA membership is now open to all who share our vision, mission and values irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, age or any political affiliation.

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IEA' Investor Panel ( IMIEA-IP )

At the present time, businesses have traditionally lacked access to capital and resources needed to grow their companies. To fulfill the needs and requests of the trends, International Entrepreneurs Association will harness this growing collective and channel into a brand new membership services called IEA Investor Panel. IEA Investor Panel is made up of individuals and organizations as professional investors, business angels, VCs, government agencies, public and private institutions including banking and finance representative.

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IEA' Advisor Panel ( IMIEA-AP )

In an increasingly globalized business environment and a connected universe, collaboration and knowledge sharing among professionals is an imperative. To further this need, International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA), UK has formed a panel of advisors who represent the various sectors of its membership. The IEA Advisory Panel will ensure that the entrepreneurial process addresses the interests of the entire membership community, and includes leaders in collection development, preservation, and information technology.

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