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The International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom (IEA,UK) is a leading international professional educational and membership body that provides entrepreneurial and business development through education and membership networking around the world. We are one of the prominent UK based professional body and the world’s only examining board offering international recognise qualification in entrepreneurship education and membership platform.

International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA), are welcome and be grateful in its noble task of providing and cultivating entrepreneurs with continuous prestige recognition, professional development education and networks support on global basis. The association helps people from any industry and different level of their career with quality qualifications, professional networking opportunities and international recognitions in entrepreneurship.

International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom (IEA, UK) act as a catalyst in this field given its expertise in convening world leaders to discuss global issues, and its proven record of success in establishing and developing partnerships as demonstrated through the Global Education Initiative. International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom (IEA, UK) believes this approach may be the dawn of new beginning for support efforts in developing young and successful entrepreneurs in the future.

Being, or becoming, an entrepreneurial professional higher education body, there is no “unique” approach, but variety of ways in which our actions behave and act entrepreneurially to enhance graduate employability, their short- and long-term contributions to national economic growth and local development, and the ways in which they are stimulating the birth of new enterprises and innovation in existing firms.

We believe entrepreneurial skills, attitudes and behaviours can be learned, and that exposure to entrepreneurship education throughout an individual’s lifelong learning path, starting from youth and continuing through adulthood into higher education – as well as reaching out to those economically or socially excluded – is imperative





IEA Collaboration Opportunities

An excellent education sector distinguishes itself through its variety of collaborative efforts. IEA, UK is keen to foster and grow international collaboration that supports and enhance our entrepreneurial portfolio and philosophy and result in world-class context. . We are always open to the creation of new collaboration packages that are tailored to your company's needs. These collaborations can be at an institutional, group or individual level.

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