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Become IEA Membership Service Centre

The International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA) is the premier qualification-awarding and membership body serving the entrepreneurial and business profession industry origin from United Kingdom. As a member of International Entrepreneurs Association, you have embraced the highest standards in your profession.

IEA membership — It just ensures that you are professional in what you do – who share a common purpose and a common body of knowledge, we can work together to build an investment industry where financial markets function at their best, investors’ interests come first, and economies grow. Dedicated to promoting best practice, IEA forming a network of the most innovative leaders in specific dialog and topic areas to discuss existing knowledge on key issues and integrate it into a global collaboration and decision-making process.

Membership is an essential part of the funding and activities of the International Entrepreneurs Association. This route will be acting as a global community of entrepreneurial professionals dedicated to high ethical and educational standards and efficient markets. On top of that, there are personal mentorship opportunities and huge networking events. It’s the ultimate toolbox for entrepreneurs.

This section has been specifically designed to support entrepreneurial and businesses practitioners in your day-to-day business deal, helping you grow your business and fulfil the IEA practicing requirements. IEA, United Kingdom’ membership service centre support as an independent advisory body to government and policymakers at national and European level and to the entrepreneurial and business sector; IEA,UK brings together the widest possible range of UK interests, experience and contacts in the landscape of entrepreneurship practices across youth, higher education and social inclusion.

Whether you are an individual just starting out in the industry, or a professional with numerous years of experience; Partnering with IEA is a great way of enriching your curriculum  as it will give you and your partner access to a provision of entrepreneurs, links to our local networks and much more.


Your Professional Licensenand Initiative Establishment

Being an entrepreneur and getting good qualified leads and networks for your business is getting harder and, that generating like-minded people is the best opportunity. As part of “IEA’ Membership Service Centre”, we are focusing on developing and growing our profile and contact that made my journey faster, more productive and constantly evolving with the latest developments of business trends  

This area of the site highlights several key areas in which any parties interested on building network can contribute to the agenda of raising entrepreneurial profession and ethical standards. This is your time to push further, to stand out, to seek new heights of professional excellence, and change the investment profession for the better:

  1. Provide Letter of Cooperation (LOC) or Letter of Interest (LOI) from “Provider” regarding Collaboration interest and matters with IEA.
  2. Sign up to become an “Corporate Member” of IEA as part of IEA policies.
  3. Provide specific intention propose collaboration proposal write-up.
  4. Fill Up and Complete the Approval Application Form (A1).
  5. Discuss the Modal of Collaboration, that beneficial between both parties.
  6. Signing Standard T&C Agreement Contract (MOA / MOU) together with Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on the collaboration ties.
  7. For further compliance assessment regulations or procedures criteria, please refer to IEA, HQ – Business Development Centre for more details.  
  8. Proceed with the details assessment procedures and prepared to served all level of entrepreneurs with the best practice and ethical of profession.


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