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I.E.A Life-Long Professional Platforms

Many professional bodies also act as 'learned societies' for the academic disciplines underlying their professions; it goes same with International Entrepreneurs Association. International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom also known as a scholarly society or academic association; it is an organisation that exists to promote an academic discipline or profession, or a group of related disciplines or professions.

The International Entrepreneurs Association is a politically neutral, economically progressive, forward-thinking non-profit association and professional body formed for the purpose of providing society and entrepreneurs with the opportunities to participate, networks, collaborate and sharing new ideas and projects in all areas of business and industrial activity.

IEA Life Long Professional Membership Platform is designed to support and assist its members in their business ventures and promote the highest level of competence and ethics. Our platform is organised by entrepreneurs who have high growth businesses for entrepreneurs with high growth businesses and high growth expectations and has created peer groups that come together and share business challenges.

Promoting a capitalist model which is more mature, a model which encompasses a new mindset where the bottom line is no longer the driving factor in the decisions of business leaders and entrepreneurs. It is our dream to see each member become dominant in his industry through integrity, hard work, and exceptional customer satisfaction. Our purpose is to give the members an environment in which everyone is equal and all can share their experiences, ideas, and concerns and receive the help, advice, and guidance that comes from collaboration and cooperation.

IEA' Membership may be open to all, may require possession of some qualification, or may be an honor conferred by election. All of the associates, members, partners and clients of IEA will create a life-long continuous relationship between each other through the system life cycle in business environment. Therefore with these relationship with the membership of IEA will be beneficial for all level of society. It also demonstrates to entrepreneurs and clients your commitment to maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.

Through our membership and examination schemes, we hope to ensure that our members uphold high standards of business management skills and expertises require by all employers in different sectors and economic activities. Our examination and membership structures will assure potential employers recognise your qualities and qualifications, that you are competent and have the abilities to perform and deliver results.