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I.E.A' Corporate Membership Platform - { CmIEA }

Entrepreneurship has never been more important than it is today in this time of financial crisis. At the same time, society faces massive global challenges that extend well beyond the economy. Privacy is a differentiator in today’s information economy. Customers and clients increasingly demand that the companies they do business with demonstrate that they are committed on economic growth.

The International Entrepreneurs Association offers corporate membership for any research agency or client company that wants to signify their commitment to the industry and ethical practice. Membership of this elite group is recognising excellence determined by both stringent and transparent with the result audited and value moderated.

International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom is the pre-eminent professional body for those involved in all aspects of business, commerce and trade chain. When you join “IEA Corporate Member”, you gain a global partner. As part of the network of industries of professional entrepreneurs IEA membership gives you access to the people, information and tools needed to address business critical issues and grow your company.

IEA, UK provides members with professional and company growth through credibility, knowledge, networking and advocacy. Yet, with “IEA Corporate Membership Key and Designated membership” allows your company access to the latest techniques and business intelligence, helps you expand your network, and gives you and your company a competitive edge.


Join IEA as a "Corporate Member - CmIEA"

We do have world-class companies and corporate group in world wide – companies that innovated and grown, created jobs, contributed to nation’s economic development and practice on “Entrepreneurial Social Responsibilities – ESR”. Corporate membership to IEA is not by invitation but thru nomination. It is by eligibility, and the criteria are ethical and entrepreneurial practice.

Achieving world-class performance requires a commitment to continuous improvement and an investment in the development of people. Likewise it is only a small breather along the way of lifelong journey of continuous improvement.

As a IEA “Corporate Member – CmIEA”, we aims to building and energizing leading global communities; the creative force shaping global, regional and industry agendas; and the catalyst of choice for our communities when undertaking global initiatives to improve the state of the world.

By becoming an IEA Corporate Member, you join lots organisations with access to a range of services that enable you to develop competence, recognition, and professionalism and ensure that your community can access the latest thinking and information about all aspects of business and entrepreneurial management in order to align economic progress and social development when addressing the complex challenges of our time.


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