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I.E.A Events

London, United Kingdom : HongKong-London Business Network Forum Dinner —(September 2023)

The International Entrepreneurs Association, UK would like to extend our utmost gratitude and respect on the occasion of the Inauguration of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council - London (HKTDC). We express our sincere appreciation for the invitation extended to IEA, UK to attend the Hong Kong-London Network Forum Dinner.

The Hong Kong-London Network Forum Dinner is a valuable occasion to commemorate the strong commercial ties between Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, while also facilitating the establishment of connections with fellow industry leaders from both urban centers.



Basel, Switzerland “International Summer Academy on Peacebuilding, Conflict Solution, Mediation, International Security, Leadership & Intercultural Dialogue Forum”—(August 2023)

It is a privilege for the International Entrepreneurs Association to have received an invitation to attend the 13th International Summer Academy on Peacebuilding, Conflict Solution, Mediation, International Security, Leadership & Intercultural Dialogue. This prestigious event is organized by the Institute for Peace and Dialogue (IPD) and will be held in Basel, Switzerland from August 7th to August 21st, 2013. The venue for the academy is the esteemed Hotel Restaurant Rheinfelderhof.

This program offers valuable opportunities for acquiring academic knowledge and gaining practical experience in the field through the involvement of qualified specialists. Additionally, participants can enjoy a productive and memorable summer in Switzerland.

At now, our organization comprises individuals who have been duly verified and hail from a diverse range of countries, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America, Israel, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Mongolia, the Central African Republic, Korea, and Turkey.

Individuals from various countries, including those employed in State Institutions, INGOs, IOs, Companies, Universities, or engaged in independent research, as well as individuals with a keen interest in peacebuilding, conflict transformation, intercultural-interfaith dialogue, mediation, negotiation, leadership, international security, and related subjects, are cordially invited to participate in our upcoming summer academy.

The primary objective of the 13th Summer Academy is to enhance the competencies of individuals representing state institutions, the business sector, INGOs/NGOs, educational institutions, religious organizations, independent mediators, politicians, and students. This will be achieved through a combination of academic and practical training programs focused on peacebuilding, mediation, conflict resolution, international security leadership, and intercultural dialogue.

The 13th Summer Academy offers participants the opportunity to acquire education and establish a global network that can contribute to their future careers in various sectors, including state, private, and public. This program equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue professions such as peace builder, manager, lawyer, diplomat, human resource officer, mediator, international and public relations manager, mentor, coach, and other related occupations.



International Higher Education Forum { IHEF }—(March 2023)

The International higher education forum returns again to discuss some of the most pressing challenges in higher education. The theme for this year's conference is: Global universities, global responsibilities, global leadership.

In light of a multitude of intricate obstacles, how can universities effectively realize their worldwide potential? Universities assume a vital function in promoting optimal conditions for individuals and communities worldwide. However, this expansive position also entails a set of global obligations.

The International Higher Education Forum (IHEF), conducted in an online format, will convene esteemed professionals from many sectors to engage in discourse and deliberation regarding the pivotal role of universities as prominent worldwide influencers.

In this inquiry, we will delve into the impact of the cost-of-living issue and economic uncertainty on students and institutions at a worldwide scale.

  • In what ways can universities address the issue of financial sustainability?
  • How can universities globally manage the delicate balance between immediate need and long-term goals, particularly in relation to the diversification of international student enrollment?
  • The inquiry pertains to the role that higher education should have in addressing humanitarian emergencies and the measures that might be implemented to expedite the provision of assistance to people in need.

IHEF 2023 will scan the horizon to help international leadership teams anticipate the unexpected and face head-on the biggest challenges that are around the corner for international education. As per usual, specialized sessions will delve further into particular challenges, featuring experts in their respective fields. These sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to the climate crisis, risk in internationalization, transnational education, student mobility, research funding, and student experience. Our objective is to comprehensively address the various aspects of international higher education endeavors.

Online networking sessions offer valuable chances for individuals to establish connections with peers from various regions of the globe.



“UK-CHINA Technical and Vocational Education & Training Development" Forum —(January 2023)

In October 2021, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting the High-Quality Development of Modern Vocational Education", requiring all regions and departments to implement them in light of their actual conditions. Vocational education is an important part of the national education system and human resource development, and shares the important responsibility of cultivating diverse talents, inheriting technical skills, and promoting employment and entrepreneurship.

This forum focuses on trending topics such as UK TVET system, vocational skills and qualifications framework, teaching methodologies, lifelong learning, digitalisation, engineering education, green skills and the integration of industry and education etc.

This forum is jointly organised by “UK Government” and “China Education Association for International Exchange”. In order to increase the pace of the process of globalisation in education and to achieve success in the high competition of global economy in the twenty-first century, the objectives of the forum which will be covered are the following agendas:

Chapter 1 : New Pattern of International Cooperation Focusing on Employers Engagement and Talents Development.

Chapter 2 : New Journey for TVET Globalisation Via Working with the United Kingdom

Chapter 3 : New Chapter for UK-CHINA Cooperation on ‘3T’ Reform (Teachers / Textbook / Reaching Methodology)

Chapter 4 : Model school for Agricultural Higher Vocational College – Open to the world and Dialogue By Importing and Exporting Education Resources.

Chapter 5 : Reflections on the internationalisation of education under the great changes of the world pattern.

Chapter 6 : The British experience of building a dual-teacher team in vocational education.

This forum will consist of Panel Discussions, bringing a mixture of experience together for engaging conversations. With all the respect, our Asia Pacific Representative and International Partnership Director, Dr. Henry How is honors to receive the invitation for joining the virtual forum on cross border collaborative discussion on various blended learning and entrepreneurship activities during Covid-19 pandemic.



United Kingdom - “Sustainable Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition.” —(March 2022)

The Sustainable Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition, scheduled to take place on March 10, 2022, at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, has extended an invitation to the International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA, UK) to participate as one of its supporting partners. This event provides attendees with the chance to listen to professionals who are knowledgeable in the implementation of Net Zero objectives.

The United Kingdom has experienced a significant reduction of 57 percent in manufacturing emissions since 1990. This decline can be attributed primarily to structural modifications and enhancements in efficiency. However, achieving the objectives outlined in the Sixth Carbon Budget, which are crucial for attaining the overarching government objective of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050, will pose considerable challenges. The United Kingdom will implement a novel tax on plastic packaging commencing on April 1, 2022. The primary objective of the tariff is to provide incentives for the utilization of recycled material in the manufacturing process of plastic packaging.

Sustainable manufacturing entails optimizing the design of commonly utilized items while minimizing the environmental repercussions associated with the industrial resources necessary for their production. The manufacturing sector is poised to play a significant role in the attainment of the goal of generating net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. Participate in this event to gain insight into the equitable significance and imperative nature of addressing both digitalization and sustainability, and the necessity to adopt and implement measures in these domains. The expenditures associated with non-labor resources in manufacturing operations consistently surpass those of labor utilization. The argument advocating for the reduction of energy, raw materials, and other resources expended is supported by both financial and environmental considerations. This event aims to equip engineers with knowledge on effectively adopting resource productivity through the integration of existing best practices. It also seeks to foster extensive peer-to-peer communication and emphasize the powerful synergy between digital technologies and sustainable strategies in achieving successful outcomes.



Virtual Conference : Digital Transformation in HR, Learning and Development—(February 2021)

The Digital Transformation in HR, Learning and Development Conference will bring together some of the best minds in Human Resource and Learning & Development. The conference will focus on how HR and L&D departments are digitally transforming, especially within deskless and distributed workforces.
Some key topics on the day will Include:

  • Digital Transformation
  • eLearning and Blended Learning
  • Employee Experience
  • Continuous Engagement
  • HR Business Intelligence
  • Connected Workforce
  • Workforce Performance
  • Deskless & Distributed Workforces
  • And More…

The conference will consist of "Panel Discussion", bringing a mixture of experience together for engaging conversations. With all the respect, our Asia Pacific Representative and International Partnership Director, Dr. Henry How is honors to receive the invitation for joining the virtual conference on cross border collaborative discussion on various blended learning and entrepreneurship activities during Covid-19 pandemic.

Area of Discussion

  • How Digital Transformation of HR is Driving Business Outcomes.
  • Digitising Learning Management for the Modern Workforce.
  • The Future of Learning – eLearning, Classroom or Blended.
  • Best Practices for the Digital Employee Experience.
  • Using Technology to Optimise a Deskless and Distributed Workforce


ASEAN-UK Business Forum 2020 : Digital ASEAN: Enabling a New Normal– ( November 2020)

Event by UK-ASEAN Business Council (UKABC)

The UK-ASEAN Business Council and the ASEAN Business Advisory Council are delighted to present the inaugural ASEAN-UK Business Forum 2020. The Forum aims to explore how digital solutions can enable Southeast Asia to thrive in a new normal.

The Asian Development Bank has forecasted that ASEAN will see a strong economic recovery in 2021 of 5.5% GDP growth. The pandemic has caused economic turmoil, but it has also accelerated digital transformation by governments and business in a region that was already the fastest-growing internet market in the world. Southeast Asia has over 400 million internet users offering a vibrant digital landscape that is changing the way people consume, work and live.

In a contactless world, with interaction mainly of the virtual kind, being able to operate digitally is essential. Investment in Southeast Asia’s digital economy, from high-speed broadband to skills development, will bring long term inclusive benefits and a more resilient economic recovery. Improved internet infrastructure will provide better access to education, health and financial services across Southeast Asia.

Fintech is offering a range of financial solutions to operate in the new normal. As the world looks to bounce back it has an increasingly important role in ensuring recovery is green, sustainable and inclusive. With three-quarters of the region’s population still facing insufficient access to financial services, the demand for FinTech solutions has never been higher.

The Forum will also hear how the UK is supporting ASEAN by looking at intra-regional and extra-regional supply chains, supplemented with some detailed analysis in the consumer electronics, automotive, apparel and medical technology sectors by developing a digital scenario modelling tool to support collective decision-making.

This Forum is free to attend, proudly sponsored by Prudential

Areas of Discussion

  • What are the digital solutions to enable government and business to thrive in a new normal?
  • What is the role of Fintech in a sustainable economic recovery?
  • What will the new normal in Southeast Asia look like in 2021?
With all the respect, our Asia Pacific Representative and International Partnership Director, Dr. Henry How is honors to receive the invitation for joining the forum on cross border collaborative discussion on various entrepreneurship activities.



"Indonesia in the New World Economic Paradigm: SEZ as Investment Destination" Online Forum Invitation– ( September 2020)

Indonesia is the largest, only trillion dollar economy in ASEAN with the GDP forecast consider to be estimating of RANK #5 in the world in the upcoming next 5 years according to the World Economic Forum (WEC), after China, USA, India and Japan.

When the initial cases of COVID-19 were documented in the Indonesia subcontinent in late March, few could have anticipated impact on every aspect of human life over the following months. Yet here we are more than five months later, and our world has been transformed dramatically. Everything from board meetings to grocery shopping are now being conducted online via laptops or smartphones, exposing our heavy dependency on stable internet availability like never before.

Considering these massive shifts in the status quo, it is clear that technology—especially the Internet—has been central to our evolution and adaptability in the COVID-19 era. Therefore, on behalf of Penang State MITI Minister and Indonesia Consulate General in Penang, special sessions for forum - “Special Economic Zones-Indonesia’s New World Economic Paradigm” will be conducted via online tech-driven information sharing. This online event will be coordinate by Minister for Economic Affairs Republics of Indonesia cum Chairman of Golkar Party Indonesia – Mr. Airlangga Hartarto.

With all the respect, our Asia Pacific Representative and International Partnership Director, Dr. Henry How is honors to receive the invitation for joining the forum on cross border collaborative discussion on various entrepreneurship activities.

For further more information, please visit :




Sharing sessions on the “Essential of Entrepreneurship Professional Qualifications” – (March 2020)

Universities around the world are however moving towards a comprehensive approach to internationalisation. This famously includes transnational education, or TNE, in which students can earn a qualification from an institution when based in another country, such as at an overseas campus.

International Entrepreneurs Association, UK would like to express our appreciation & welcomes gratitude to Prof.Ir. Dr.Srimala Sreekantan from School of Materials & Mineral Resources Engineering(SMMRE), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Engineering Campus hospitalities for inviting IEA Business Development Dean - Dr. Henry How on a “Sharing Sessions” on establish collaboration alliance and academic affiliation prospect in recognition of its international growth and success.

In fact, business leaders, academics and researchers who study entrepreneurship recognize collaboration and information sharing as important as more obvious skills such as opportunity recognition and determination.



London, United Kingdom : ‘Authentic Assessment for Tomorrow’s Students’ Forum - ( March 2020)

Pearson Higher Education CoLab Network will be organising next face-to-face Higher Education CoLab Sharing event with the theme --‘Authentic Assessment for Tomorrow’s Students’. The event will take place on Wednesday the 4th of March 2020 in London, UK. The theme will focus on the benefits of authentic assessment are widely articulated in literature, yet embedding this type of assessment at an institutional level can be challenging in reality. This event is aimed at those in a strategic role with responsibility around teaching, learning, quality and assessment.

The event panel of guest speakers include Dr. Lydia Arnold; an experienced Educational Developer and researcher of teaching methods, Caroline Wilson, Programme Leader at University of Hertfordshire, Matthew Poyiadgi, Vice President for Pearson VUE UK - the industry leading computer-based assessment service for skills. 

Co-Lab is a great opportunity to network exclusively with a cross-section of professionals in the sector that have strategic responsibilities for teaching and learning. Hosted at Wallacespace, Covent Garden, this intimate venue is an engaging environment for thought provoking discussion and collaboration.

With our great honor, Pearson HE Co-Lab is inviting us - International Entrepreneurs Association to create some thought provoking discussion on strategic approaches to authentic and electronic assessment. This event is aimed at those that have strategic responsibilities within their institution.
For further more information, please visit :




1st Annual Dialog Partners – Company Commission of Malaysia ( February 2020 )

International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom are very grateful and honor to be invited as one of the “Dialog Partners” for Company Commission of Malaysia (CCM).

Malaysia's government for “Domestic Trade Ministry” and Company Commission of Malaysia (CCM) has joined hands and launched a pilot to dialog sessions with the local NGOs and business players to share ideas on the business and company policies for strengthen the “Investment Friendly Environment Policy Dialogue on Innovation Policy”. As a part of this initiative, the Domestic Trade Ministry to the Government of Malaysia, in partnership with Company Commission of Malaysia (CCM) of Malaysia, has set up a pilot plant for the conversion between private business players and NGOs.

The dialogue jointly formulated and implemented short- and long-term projects in strategic areas such as circular economy, digital registration system, artificial intelligence, sustainable business friendly environment, and future mobility.



Penang, Malaysia Parliament Visit – (November 2019)

International Entrepreneurs Association, UK are honour and pleased that The Penang State Legislative Assembly is taking initiative and interested to invite IEA Malaysia Chapter and Penang Chinese Town Hall Trade Division’s members for a joint dialog conversation and also future collaboration agendas with the state legislature. It is initiate by the speaker and member of the Penang State Legislative Assembly Dato YB. Law Choo Kiang with the IEA Malaysia Representative- Dr. Henry How and PCTH Trade Division members.  

It is an honor for IEA to play an important role model for entrepreneurs globally to have dialog with different multiple level of organisaition to create a much more broaden networks.



Penang, Malaysia : Islam Confucianism Civilizations Dialog Conferences – (November 2019)

International Entrepreneurs Association, UK would like to express our appreciation & welcomes gratitude to the main organiser of “Islam Confucianism Civilizations Dialog Conferences” hospitalities for inviting our Asia Pacific Representative and International Partnership Director, Dr. Henry How for attending the prospect of Islamic and Confucianism ideologies Sharing among different entities.

This event is aimed at those in a strategic role with responsibility around teaching, learning, quality and assessment for Islamic with Confucianism conceptual models. It will be attended by different level of organization in the Penang arena including Politician, NGOs, Charity Organisations, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and etc.



Chinese Entrepreneurship Association {CEA} Penang Launching – (July 2019)

As an prominent and dominant leading Entrepreneurial Professional Body globally- International Entrepreneurs Association is proud to be invite to witness the most memorable launching and establishment of “Chinese Entrepreneurship Association{CEA}” in Penang, Malaysia.  The history of the great event is portrait as the recognition given to our professional body in playing an important role in the entrepreneurial and business sector across border.



China - Zhong Shan - Xiao Lan Trade Union Collaboration Visit and Discussion – ( June 2019)

International Entrepreneurs Association, UK Malaysia would like to express our appreciation & welcomes gratitude to China, Zhong Shan, Xiao Lan Trade Union hospitalities for inviting IEA, UK Asia Pacific Representative – Dr. Henry How on the discussion on establish entrepreneurial collaboration alliance and academic affiliation prospect which ultimately leading to Professional Awards Qualifications.

Therefore IEA is honor and proud that - Zhong Shan - Xiao Lan Trade Union are seeking collaboration with the International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA) in connecting entrepreneurs cross border. But there is definitely value to be gained from being a part of the right collaborations, and it's something every entrepreneur should be considering. It can lead to new relationships and connections, partnerships, business ideas and even new clients and customers.



Hong Kong-Malaysia Business Association Spring Dinner – (March 2019)

On the occasion of the Inauguration of the Hong Kong-Malaysia Business Association{HKMBA}, International Entrepreneurs Association, UK would like to express our deepest honor and appreciation for inviting IEA Malaysia Chapter to Hong Kong-Malaysia Business Association Spring Dinner.

This event is the 1st being organised by HKMBA and it is supported and co-organised by Hong Kong Economy and Trade Office in Jarkata Indonesia, Invest HongKong and Hong Kong Trade Development Council {HKTDC}. The event will give insightful opportunities for cross border opportunities Hong Kong and Malaysia.



Penang, Malaysia and Hungary Business Forum – (March 2019)

On the occasion of the Inauguration of the Honorary Consul of Hungary, International Entrepreneurs Association, UK would like to express our deepest honor and appreciation for inviting IEA Malaysia Chapter to Penang Hungary Business Forum 2019.

The event will give insightful opportunities for Penang and Hungary. It will also addressing the potential partnership and collaborations agenda between Penang Entrepreneurs and Hungary Trade society. It is a great honor that HE Attila Kali Ambassador of Hungary Malaysia having such cross border events.



“The Hungary - Penang State Embassy” Memorial Launching and Establishment Ceremony Invitation ( October 2018 )

As one of the dominant professional awarding body in UK and the world's only examining board offering internationally recognised qualification in entrepreneurship education, SME management, and corporate business management; International Entrepreneurs Association Asia Pacific Region is proud to be invite to witness the most memorable launching and establishment of “The  Hungary – Penang State Embassy” in Penang, Malaysia.  Dr. Henry How and Ms. Iris Lee, one of our continent region representative and member of IEA, UK are please invite by H.E. Attila Kali – Ambassador of Hungary to Malaysia and Dr. Titanilla Toth, Head of Mission Hungary Embassy to have a joint dialog on future potential collaborative prospect. The history of the great event is portrait as the recognition given to our professional body in playing an important role in the entrepreneurial and business sector across border.



Indonesia Entrepreneurial Networking Sharing Session ( October 2018 )

It is our honour to receive an invitation from agency related to Indonesia government for organising Indonesia-China Entrepreneurial Networking Sharing events host at Jarkata, Indonesia, indeed it is a very encouraging move. 

This is a very special moment to both countries initiatives drive where two highly influential countries in their own respective field, jointly work together to serve the people and the nation of INDONESIA for cultivating more entrepreneurs across border.

We International Entrepreneurs Association, as a prominent entrepreneurial association in UK provide a novel look into the entrepreneurial profile of the UK in an international context are very pleased that our Asia Pacific Continent Representative, Dr. Henry How to be invited as one of the keynote speaker together with Mr. Munawar Khalil – a influential prominent figure team leading of the president of Indonesia – Mr.Jokowi as well as Dr. Lawrence Chieng from Donjia Aquatech Hong Kong.

This highly meaningful event itself involve around 500 business delegations and entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, China Mainland, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is one of the most versatile and far reaching learning that relates not only directly to business world, its practicality covers all walks of life.



Scotland, UK : The RSE Unlocking Ambition Enterprise Fellowship Programme ( May 2018 )

The Royal Society of Edinburgh brand  new entrepreneurial development programme please - the new RSE Unlocking Ambition Enterprise Fellowship Programme as part of the Scotland Can Do Agenda backed by the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. It has international appeal.

“The Royal Society of Edinburgh is delighted to provide support to this worthwhile programme to unlock the ambition of talented entrepreneurs. Since its launch in 1997, the RSE Enterprise Fellowship scheme has supported more than 200 graduates and researchers to develop and launch new businesses. We look forward to supporting and working with this new cohort to help turn their energy and motivation, and of course their new ideas, into a reality.”

The RSE Unlocking Ambition Enterprise Fellowship Programme will nurture and support early-stage innovators, academics and researchers who have entrepreneurial potential and an innovative business idea. To succeed, we are looking for the most talented and ambitious people around the world to see Scotland as the place they want to establish their businesses.

Up to 20 talented entrepreneurs will be chosen, based on their own potential, the market potential of their business ideas, and the contribution that they might make to our economy and to wider society. They will be mentored and led by some of Scotland’s leading entrepreneurs in a year- long intensive entrepreneurial business development programme. The aim of the programme is to provide the framework within which individuals can experience the most relevant approach to develop the commercial strength of their ideas and be equipped to succeed in today’s fast-paced global business environment.

This is an invitation to entrepreneurs from Scotland, the UK and from right across the world to submit ideas which have the potential to be transformative. You don’t have to be in Scotland or be Scottish – you can be anywhere in the world to apply. You are also not required to have an existing connection to the RSE. The only condition is that you agree to relocate or establish your business here in Scotland. Applications are now open for a brand new cutting-edge entrepreneurial support scheme.
RSE Unlocking Ambition Enterprise Fellowship Programme open for applications!

  • Inaugural RSE Unlocking Ambition Enterprise Fellowship Programme to invest in up to 20 high-potential entrepreneurs
  • This is an invitation to entrepreneurs from Scotland, the UK and from right across the world to submit ideas which have the potential to be transformative.
  • One-year package of benefits – up to £900,000 total grant funding across the 20 Fellowships; over £150,000 for a comprehensive and cutting-edge training programme personally tailored to develop business skills delivered to the highest of international standards; a dedicated mentor, and access to professional, financial and entrepreneurial networks
  • Apply by the deadline of Wednesday 2 May at www.rse.org.uk

The longer-term objective is to support Scotland in becoming a world-leading entrepreneurial nation and the programme will be delivered working alongside Scottish Government agencies, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish EDGE, Entrepreneurial Scotland and other partner organisations from the private sector, and third sector who will help support the successful candidates.

Therefore, we International Entrepreneurs Association, as a prominent entrepreneurial association in UK provide a novel look into the entrepreneurial profile of the UK in an international context. We as one of the supporting partners of “The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE)”  for the above forthcoming signature programme will help on the engagement for those who are interested.

As For more information please contact: Kirstie Armsworth, Marketing Manager, RSE Unlocking Ambition Enterprise Fellowship Programme at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on unlockingambition@therse.org.uk. Anne Fraser, RSE Awards Manager, is available for comment.

Visit www.rse.org.uk for more information and to apply.



ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Forum – Leveraging AEC for Business Opportunities ( October 2017 )

In 2015, intra-ASEAN investment remained the largest source of FDI flows in the region at 18.4% of total FDI while intra-ASEAN trade remained stable at 22.4% of total trade. These trends indicate that ASEAN is no longer just an attractive market for extra-ASEAN companies by the likes of Japan, US and Germany, but also for intra-ASEAN companies which increasingly see themselves as being a regional company. With huge market size, a burgeoning middle class, low labor cost and improved infrastructure, ASEAN offers great potential in business opportunities. It is however also acknowledged that ASEAN has high non-tariff barriers, bureaucratic red tape and lack regulatory standardization across member states. This forum will focus on why domestic businesses need to consider the ASEAN market and how to go about it.

As a committee member for Penang state Domestic Trade, ASEAN Trade and Commerce, we International Entrepreneurs Association will be part of the invitation body engaged by : ”Trade and Consumer Affairs under Penang State government ” and also “Entrepreneur Development Division under Penang Development Center (PDC)” as one of the supporting body and panel body for the discussion together with the below sectors.

The panel discussion partners include:

Government Sectors:

  • Ministry of International Trade & Industry ( MITI ),
  • Malaysia Trade Development Corporation ( MATRADE )
  • SME Corporation
  • Entrepreneur Development Division – Penang Development Center
  • Penang State Domestic Trade, ASEAN Trade and Consumer Affairs
  • Invest Penang

ASEAN Foundation Sectors :

  • Indonesian Investment Promotion Center
  • Philippines Trade and Investment Center

Panel Discussion Partners:

  • Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce,
  • Persatuan Pedagang & Pengusaha Melayu Malaysia (PERDASAMA) Penang ,
  • Malaysian Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Penang ,
  • SMI Association of Malaysia Penang Branch,
  • International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA) Malaysia Chapter ,
  • Penang Institute
  • Persatuan Teong Guan Pulau Pinang, Penang Hardware & Machinery Merchants Association,
  • Penang Furniture Manufacturers & Dealers Association,
  • Penang Foundry & Engineering Industries Association,
  • Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association Northern Branch,
  • Penang Master Builders & Building Materials Dealers Association,
  • Penang Freight Forwarders Association (PFFA)



London, United Kingdom Cross Border Business Match Conference - Connecting global businesses with Asia via Hong Kong ( September 2017 )

“Think Asia, Think Hong Kong” (TATHK) is a mega promotion campaign organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to attract overseas companies to use Hong Kong’s service platform to tap into the Chinese mainland and other Asian markets. TATHK brings together business communities from Hong Kong and different economies to discuss developments and trends in the dynamic global market and highlight Hong Kong’s key advantages.

With the support of a variety of business organisations, “Think Asia, Think Hong Kong” was successfully held in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich in September 2016.

As Asia continues to drive the global economy's growth, British companies keen on exploring new business opportunities in the East can partner with Hong Kong, Asia's international trade and financial centre, in their search for success. Following the overwhelming response in the UK, Japan, USA, France, Italy, Canada and Germany, Think Asia, Think Hong Kong will revisit the city of London, UK in September 2017.

Proudly organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and supported by various business organisations, Think Asia, Think Hong Kong will once again present a wealth of valuable information and tremendous opportunities through an array of activities.

With Brexit and the Belt and Road Initiative, the market presents once-in-a generation opportunities for the British enterprises to grow their businesses. Principal officials from the British and Hong Kong governments and top leaders of Chinese and multinational corporations will share their own stories and advice on how to tap into the new market opportunities. The themes of the sector-specific seminars include:

  • Chinese Outbound Investment
  • Doing Business in China and throughout Asia
  • Finance
  • FinTech

Join Us for an Exciting Line-up of Activities

  • A range of sector-specific seminars
  • Internationally renowned speakers to share expert insights
  • Free business consultation with services providers from Hong Kong
  • Extensive networking opportunities

Business delegations from Hong Kong and Chinese mainland will visit the UK. One-on-one business matching meetings for business delegates and British participants will be arranged. 1,400 participants are expected to join us this year in London.

Therefore, we International Entrepreneurs Association, as a prominent entrepreneurial association in UK provide a novel look into the entrepreneurial profile of the UK in an international context. We as one of the supporting partners of  “Hong Kong Trade Development Council” for the above forthcoming signature conference will help on the engagement for those who are interested. As for the further information about the events, please refer to the below link at  




Approved Award Learning Centre Provider for Certified "Chief Enterprising Officer" and Programme Launching – (May 2017)

Continuing education is a key element for the ongoing success and progression of approved continuing education provider programme. We recognize that continuing education (CE) courses take time, effort, and cost money. And while the most important things to look for when choosing a right genuine register training or education provider, and a recognised training or education course. Initial of approve center status as an official register provider of IEA qualifications will be announce via our website news column.

Working closely with potential provider for over a period of time, International Entrepreneurs Association, UK is pleased to announce our newly register “Approved Award & Education Provider” - Entrepreneurial, Incubation & Career Centre (EICC)-Southern University College on the latest endorsement programme “Certified in Chief Enterprising Officer”, designed to meet our profession's needs for assured value in CE.

As EICC is committed as our IEA Training and education providers must market and advertise their services ethically and accurately in delivering the programme. This is also to ensure apart with ‘IEA Approved status’ and allowing to choose with confidence from among the best and most valid continuing education options.

The brainchild of the programme integration is to incorporate entrepreneurship theory & practice into conventional business learning courses that can be approved, certified, endorsed, and recognized by professional bodies, industry players, notable enterprises, policy makers, and most importantly, the learner himself/herself.

It is believe that the programme can provide a holistic approach to refining individuals, particularly business people, capable of producing synergistic performance and sustaining success for themselves and their organizations.



MOU Ceremony with Southern University College, Johor Malaysia – (April 2017)

The professional collaboration between Entrepreneurial, Incubation & Career Centre (EICC)-Southern University College and International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA) UK highlights another innovative and remarkable achievement towards a truly full pledge and comprehensive approach to internationalisation.

The ultimate aim of SUC-IEA strategic partnership is to explore, exploit, and enhance human potential in doing better things and doing things better. We strongly believe SUC-IEA’s collaboration partnership can provide a holistic approach to refining individuals, particularly business people, capable of producing synergistic performance and sustaining success for themselves and their organizations.

The MoU signing ceremony was graced with the presence of SME, Small and Medium Enterprises Association {SAMENTA}, Board of Governors and Board of Directors from Southern University College (SUC). While from IEA, the Malaysian Chapter Advisor and Patron Dato’ Lam Wu Chong who is also the Penang Chinese Town Hall Chairman, and IEA Youth Chapter Founding Member IEA Malaysia Youth Chapter Advisor Ms. Iris Lee Yng Fei signed on the memorandum.

This MOU between the International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA), United Kingdom – Business Development Center {IEA Management Consultancy} & Southern University College (SUC) Malaysia recognises the unique relationship based on mutual respect and commercial endeavour in the field of entrepreneurship and business education.

The main goal is to explore more entrepreneurship opportunities to university students and cultivate them act as a change agent for this university realm to create a better world for communities. Yet, the collaboration as a ‘smart partnership’ between industry and academic sector to build entrepreneurial capacity amongst university graduates to explore a future in business.



SMEs / Entrepreneurs- Unlocking your Potentials To Grow - (November 2014)

Currently, most business entrepreneur are at a cross road due to rising costs, insufficient talents and global competition. This platform bridging local SMEs/Entrepreneurs with government agencies and the larger enterprises.

The event will give insightful addressing the challenges that needs to be overcome and in what ways the SMEs/Entrepreneurs can utilise the assistance of the government agencies and local larger corporations to seek new opportunities and to grow their businesses.

Participating bodies

Initiated by : Penang Chinese Town Hall

Organized by : Penang Chinese Town Hall Economic Development & Trade Sub-committee

Co-organized by:
I. American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce(AMCHAM)
II. Malaysia Retailers Association (MRA)
III. Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) Penang Branch

Official supported by:

  • Malaysian Investment Development Authority(MIDA)
  • Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation(MATRADE)
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia)
  • investPenang
  • The Free Industrial Zone, Penang, Companies' Association(FREPENCA
  • Malaysia International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA, Malaysia Chapter)
  • Suiwah Corporation Bhd                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The objectives of the event

  • A platform bridging local businesses & enterprises with Government offices

and large enterprises in the region through networking session.

  • To provide an opportunity for local businesses & enterprises to gather and obtain insightful information and business know-how.
  • To create an avenue to support and instil proactive market behaviours among local businesses and enterprises.
  • To increase the potential of business matching in the form of collaboration & partnership. (SME-SME, SME-Government agencies).
  • To build a cooperative network with Government offices, (i.e MIDA, SME CORP,MATRADE and investPenang) and learn how these Government bodies can support the growth of the company.

How the participants will be benefited from the event

Awareness of  the  assistance provided by government agencies

  • InvestPenang :Penang Future Plans and Roadmap 
  • MIDA:Investment Ecosystem and Supply Chain for SMEs Development in Malaysia.
  • SME Corp:Incentives & Assistance provided by SME Corp
  • MATRADE:Your Partner to  International Market


Youth Entrepreneurial Blazar – (Oct 2013)

Youth Entrepreneurial Blazar 2013 is a sub-event of the Science & Tech’tainment Fiesta, which is held concurrently on 10th to 12th October 2013. As part of Science & Tech’tainment Fiesta, Entrepreneurial Blazar 2013 is held by the committees of IEA USM Youth Chapter and participated by merchants of different categories, for examples food and beverages, clothing, automobiles, and some more. This event is open to all the USM students and the general public with the target audience of 20,000 in total.



MOU Ceremony with University Tunku Abdul Rahman ( UTAR ) – (Oct 2013)

Penang, 28 October – Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA), United Kingdom signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) at the Penang Chinese Town Hall today. Representing UTAR was its President Ir Prof Academician Dato’ Dr Chuah Hean Teik, while the Asia Pacific Regional Representative Henry How signed on behalf of IEA, UK.

Today’s signing marks a five year collaboration between the two partners. The areas of collaboration under this MoU include IEA’s recognition of 10 UTAR degree programmes, the ‘Double Awards Scheme’, and also the forming of the entrepreneurial students club – IEA Youth Chapter for UTAR students. The Double Awards Scheme aims to develop suitable entrepreneurial programmes for students. It will also be moderated, and evaluated to ensure the programmes fulfil international standards. The forming of the IEA Youth Chapter will be the pioneer chapter in Malaysia, and both parties will be working closely to mentor, and support the youth chapter.

In his address, Prof Chuah said “UTAR has always been a promoter of entrepreneurship among the UTAR community. Through the Department of Consultancy and Commercialisation, we introduced the UTAR Entrepreneurship Talk Series where we invite successful local and international distinguished and influential captains of industry to give inspirational and motivational talks to our students,” referring to the role models who share their experiences and success stories in inspiring UTAR students and staff.

“This collaboration with IEA under the International Professional Recognition Scheme where IEA recognises 10 of UTAR’s degree programmes is also in line with our new vision to be a global university of educational excellence. In moving towards achieving excellence, a key impetus would be the collaborations with international institutions for recognition and benchmarking.  We need to cross borders and boundaries to expand and learn and we need to promote this entrepreneurial spirit among the UTAR community for the university to progress.” Added Prof Chuah before thanking IEA, UK once again for the opportunity.

The MoU signing ceremony was graced with the presence of UTAR Vice President (Internationalisation and Academic Development) Prof Dr Ewe Hong Tat, UTAR Faculty of Business and Finance Dean Prof Choong Chee Keong. While from IEA, the Malaysian Chapter Advisor and Patron Dato’ Lam Wu Chong who is also the Penang Chinese Town Hall Chairman, and IEA Youth Chapter Founding Member IEA Malaysia Youth Chapter Advisor Ms. Iris Lee Yng Fei signed on the memorandum



London Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Conferences – (Sep 2013)

London Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Conferences is focused on supporting the development of a wider entrepreneurial culture from primary upwards through all stages of education to stimulate entrepreneurial activity in the UK.

Evidence shows we need to engage with young people early on through the education system to give them hands-on business experiences. This encourages them to recognise that starting their own business can be a rewarding and attractive career option. We need to ensure that enterprise is at the heart of the education system encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in all age groups of the emerging workforce. The education sector should build on theory by encouraging their learners to engage with real businesses, real entrepreneurs and related learning activities.

This important conference builds on the foundations of the first two events. Entrepreneurship & Enterprise in the context of Education, which continues to be both high profile and of major importance in the development of communities, businesses, society and the economy. The event will enable delegates from education, business support, professional and network organisations to meet and to learn, share and act on the latest developments and thinking on enterprise education, creation and support.


Investment and Trade Opportunities Conference – (June 2013)

A great opportunity to find out more about the exciting business opportunities for companies in the Malaysia. With the initiatives of “Money Compass” inviting IEA Malaysia as one of their supported partner; this multi-stream event offers you the unrivalled opportunity to gain a firm grasp of the current issues and latest trends in portfolio management, advanced risk, investment strategies and regulatory changes which are sweeping the industry at the moment. Trading and Investment Risk will supply incisive viewpoints, best-practice tips and unbeatable networking opportunities.


Certified Project Managers” Programme launch – (April 2013)

Certified Professional Project Manager (CPPM) awarded by the International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA), United Kingdom.IEA’s Certified Professional Project Manager ( CPPM ) is a valuable global recognition certification for project practitioners. Certified Professional Project Manager refers to practical, real-world, hands-on experience for project managers in learning the principles and practices that lead to effective and successful project management.

CPPM credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. Globally recognized and demanded, the CPPM demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to successfully lead and direct projects. Whether you’re new to project management, changing careers, or already serving as a subject matter expert on project teams, the CPPM can get your career on the right path or take it to the next level. This recognition is seen through increased marketability to employers and higher salary.

CPPM credential recognizes the advanced experience and skill of program managers. Globally recognized and demanded, the CPPM demonstrates your proven competency to oversee multiple, related projects and their resources to achieve strategic business goals.

CPPM credential holders oversee the success of a program, grouping related projects together to realize organizational benefits not available if they were managed separately. It’s the perfect fit if you define projects, assign project managers and oversee programs.


Graduation of “Diploma in Entrepreneurship” in Hong Kong – (Feb 2013)

Graduation is a major life accomplish that deserves proper praise and applause. IEAs’ graduation day with a Major in Entrepreneurship is finally arriving.  Begin the journey into the business world with this collection of IEA “Diploma in Entrepreneurship” will bring the students to another level of their life. This is a celebration of your achievement and marks the beginning of an amazing journey.


Entrepreneurs Trade Visit – (Jan 2013)

This tour is specifically designed for the Penang Chinese Town Hall’s members and being specially created and organized by International Entrepreneurs Association together with Economic Development and Trade Division of PCTH. This tour enables that top committee, business personnel, businessman or those who are keen to either having a close network relationship with some government trade sectors such as SSM, Matrade, SME Corp and etc.

The best of the Trade Tour is a combination of networking and also knowing in depth of what are the services and policies of the government trade sectors that can help to promote and transforming SMEs in Malaysia to complete and survive in the economic trends. Furthermore, this will enables PCTH Economic Development and Trade Division to utilized the platform of theirs in promoting and also help the communities in knowledgeable messages and knowing how their could act as a leaders in Penang site to solve locals business’s needs.   

Jointly organised by IEA and PCTH Economic and Trade Development Division

Trips Title : Entrepreneurs Trade And Business Visit Trips 2012

Theme         : Respective Entrepreneurs Practices for Economics Development

Vision           :To enhance awareness about Malaysia Government Sectors Services and   policies and knowing what are their transformation plans contributed.

Mision          :To further increase the sustainability of Economic Development and Trade
Division of PCTH in part of playing the role model for the communities in Penang Site in knowing better of the trade and business policies in our country.

Visit Outcome

Participate may observe some of the followings as part of the learning outcome:

• Diversified business interests, both local and international, in various sectors.
• Gain awareness what are the latest services and policies does the government sectors provide.
• Explore better exploitation of the trade and business sectors in Malaysia Transformation plans.
• Acquire insights into the community, business, education and technology growth.
• Building a mutual and close relationship between PCTH with the government sectors.


Graduates’ Opportunities and Prospects in Entrepreneurship Forum – (Oct 2012)

Event: Entrepreneurial Lean Start-Up Forum

Date: 08th October 2012

Time: 2pm – 5pm

Program: Graduates’ Opportunities & Prospect in Entrepreneurship

Introduction of Event:

With regards to the above, Malaysia International Entrepreneurs Association, UK will be organizing Entrepreneurial Lean Start-Up Forum with the theme ‘Graduates Opportunities & Prospect in Entrepreneurship’ which is co-organised by Economic Development & Trade Division of PCTH during this coming 8th  October 2012 (Monday) at Auditorium Hall, Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine,USM (INFORMM, USM) This collaboration aims to develop a new generation of community business entrepreneurs in line with Government’s economy master plans and transformation program.

The purpose of the Entrepreneurship Forum is to explore more entrepreneurship opportunities to university students and cultivate them act as a change agent for this university realm to create a better world for communities. Yet, the collaboration as a ‘smart partnership’ between industry and academic sector to build entrepreneurial capacity amongst university graduates to explore a future in business. Other than that, we also hope to inspire the soon to be graduates and fresh graduates to find their voice and recognize their direction of life.

In relation to the above, it has come to our attention to cultivate and persuade those interested students not to miss this marvelous free forum to increase their awareness and knowledge about entrepreneurship and the route to success. Through this forum, we hope to inculcate entrepreneurship spirit into students and soon-to-be graduates. We are also intending to educate and provide real life experience exposures to the students through our sharing session and our Youth Entrepreneurial Platform – International Entrepreneurs Association Youth Chapter.  


Graduation of “Diploma in Business Communication” in Shanghai, China – (July 2012)

Graduation is not an end, but rather a beginning. Whether it's high school or college, graduation is a milestone you'll remember forever. That day will mark the end of one chapter and an exciting beginning of a new one—that's why students of IEA from Shanghai, China goes above and beyond to make sure the day is represented with class and style by offering personalized graduation announcements.

The graduation of “Diploma in Business Communication” announcements give the students an opportunity to share in their achievement with the friends and family value most.


“Youth Medical Entrepreneurs” Soft Launch – (May 2012)

Looking at entrepreneurship pillars, our IEA researcher analysis finds that there are needs in grooming and growing entrepreneur in the health sectors. These new policy initiatives are designed to provide greater access for start-up and business growth in health sectors, and they include the new Business Coaching for Growth (BCG) programme aimed at existing small businesses.

This, however, has not prevented IEA from attempting to estimate the ‘entrepreneurial character’ of different national economies. We provide a brief review of existing approaches to measuring ‘entrepreneurship’ from the health & medical sectors by launching a brand new of “Youth Medical Entrepreneurs”


Supported Conferences : The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index ( GEDI )- (April 2012)

Year 2012 will be a challenging year for the UK economy. Although weak signs of economic recovery are starting to appear in North America, the EU economy continues to feel the effects of the financial turmoil that started in 2008. In the UK, the government faces the complex challenge of reducing debt and the share of the public sector in the economy while simultaneously promoting growth in the private sector. This set of conditions emphasises the potential of entrepreneurship as a mechanism to both restore the balance between public and private sectors as well as kick-start economic growth. In this situation, therefore, it is timely and important to review the health of the entrepreneurial process in the UK and how it can be stimulated to contribute to future economic growth.

Therefore, we International Entrepreneurs Association, as a prominent entrepreneurial association in UK provide a novel look into the entrepreneurial profile of the UK in an international context. We support the use of the new method – the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index GEDI – to identify the entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses of the UK economy, as well as to identify potential bottlenecks that hold back the performance of the UK relative to other advanced economies.


Certified International Entrepreneurs ( CIE ) Programme launch – (April 2012)

IEA, UK inherited an accreditation of professional engagement which enables to assess a course in terms of current and developing practice to foster appropriate knowledge and skills for entry into profession. Profession has become mandatory due to the process of internationalisation of higher education and changing workplace environment. IEA provides opportunities for all levels of entrepreneurs to be examined and to earn one or more of their professional entrepreneurs’ awards that will ultimately leads them to the licensing phase as Certified International Entrepreneurs (CIE).


Health & Splendor Lifestyles Exhibition – (March 2012)

International Entrepreneurs Association is pleased & honoured  to host the Health & Splendor Lifestyles Exhibition to increase health awareness through education and prevention which is in line with the objective to promote and develop Malaysia as a healthcare destination.

Hence, we have taken the initiative to collaborate with the local associations and communities such Penang Chinese Town Hall ( PCTH ), Sahabat, LPPKN and Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine, USM ( INFORMM ) to promote healthy lifestyles with the theme ‘Prosperity comes from Healthy Lifestyles’.

Our vision is to facilitate interaction among multiple entities such as the medical, pharmaceutical and NGO”s that play a significant role in the Health care system. Our Goal is to reach out to the local communities and the public in general to promote healthy lifestyle. We plan to disseminate knowledge on health through motivation, education and active engagement. We believe that collectively, we would be able to promote healthy lifestyle in line with the Political Declaration of the General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases, for which WHO played a vital role.

Most importantly we witnessed the participation of almost 20,000 members of the community who benefitted from this activity, which is part of the IEA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort. Additional from that, we are hoping through this meaningful health exhibition may increase longevity of local communities by practising a better quality of life.


Graduation of “Advanced Diploma in Lean Entrepreneurship” in Wales, UK – (March 2012)

The 2nd “Lean Entrepreneurship” graduation ceremony was held on Saturday, March, 2012 in Wales, United Kingdom. In the address to the 40 advanced diploma candidates, principals chairman Dr. M. Farrell shared four leadership principles to help the graduates stay true to themselves throughout their careers and lives.


Social Entrepreneurship CSR Programme with Health Minister Malaysia (October 2011)

First and foremost, it is a great honour having the opportunity to collaborate with Health Minister of Malaysia Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai who should be able to help and support in the Health Exhibition 2011 as one of the ‘Corporate Social Responsibilities’ event of the year.

With regards to the above, IEA Management Consultancy subordinate of International Entrepreneurs Association, UK will be organizing Health Exhibition 2011 during this coming October 2011 at Penang Chinese Town Hall, Penang. The purpose of the Health Exhibition is to increase health awareness through education and prevention which is in conjunction with the World Heart and World Mental Health Day globally as one of the social responsibilities. Nonetheless, the event will be fully supported by the most reputable Chinese NGOs platform – Penang Chinese Town Hall in the whole northern region which consists of 50,000 individual members and 500 other association members.

We IEA extend our utmost warmest welcome and greatly appreciate Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai your involvement and endorsements. We are sure your participation will make the event a big success.


Sun Yat-Sen (孫中山) Memorial Ceremony Invitation (March 2011)

As NGOs in Malaysia – Malaysia International Entrepreneurs Association is proud to be invite to the most memorable Chinese politician – Mr. Sun Yat-Sen (孫中山) Memorial Ceremony located in Penang, Malaysia. The history of the great event is portrait as the recognition given to our association.


TeenFest 2010 (Nov 2010)

TeenFest’ is devoted to introduce a wide variety of activities and games, including entertaining video games, online gaming, mobile games, edutainment & infotainment software, Information Technology gadgets, music, movie, fashion together with opportunities to feel them all in one place in 3 days.  TeenFest’ is the inaugural event of its kind and a gathering of interactive entertainment industry, focusing on B2B and public in Malaysia.

With our great appreciation and upmost recognition from Munsang Media Group, IEA Youth Chapter is being invited as their co-organiser for this event.  As we IEA promotes the ‘Entrepreneurship Spirit’ among Youths through various channels available with cooperative ties formed between local organisations.

However, we are strongly encourage undergraduate, leaders, and those who are interested to know more the reality of business world and working world look like. Through this event, attendees will able to understand the personality, attitude and behavior as a successful leaders, businessmen, and entrepreneurs.

Youth will also learning about their potential entrepreneurial strength which will is Stand and Start Making ‘A Difference in Your Lives’. In addition, involvement youth will also learn the importance of entrepreneurship in creating prosperities through the Upcoming Motto “Entrepreneurs Social Responsibilities”.


Dasein Academy Youth Chapter Events Rehersal (Oct 2010)

IEA is pleased that Dasein Academy IEA Youth and Mass Communication students are taking the very first initiative in joining other local youth in assisting our very first Teen Festival in upcoming November 2010. Throughout this event, IEA provides the golden opportunities for Students & Youths to share and implementing a real world experiences with successful businessman, merchant, entrepreneurs and leaders in the happening events.

This will give awareness and motivation to undergraduate / participants to start their Initial Steps to take up the challenges and responsibilities in the future. We IEA will establish an association which is committed towards delivering an alternate path for youths and students to extend their experience, knowledge and exposures towards the business environment through practical training, seminar, talks, camps or any related events aside from formal education in classrooms.


Chung Ling Entrepreneurs Sharing Session (September 2010)

Our Minister of Higher Education keen on encourages undergraduates to brush up student’s soft skills, discover more experience and knowledge about the business world and even urges younger generation to start their venture as entrepreneurs.

We are gratefully that Chung Ling High School had invited us to jointly organize with their school on Transformation of Young Entrepreneurs Cultivation Forum which entitle “The Best Entrepreneurs I Can Be. Throughout this meaningful collaboration, we sincerely hope that all undergraduate will have abundance opportunities of exposure and inspiration offered by IEA UK Youth Chapter of Malaysia, together with Chung Ling High School in developing the knowledge in entrepreneurship as well as leadership.


Graduate Ceremony of IB Diploma in Luanda, Angola   (July 2010)

The IEAs IB Diploma is a challenging and rigorous pre-university entrance program that the school has been offering to students in Luanda International School. The courses the average grade scored by LIS students was above the international average equivalent. Those students who completed their IB Diplomas successfully and will study Business and Management at university in the UK.


Joint Conferences with Royal Commonwealth Society (May 2010)

The UK Foreign Secretary and the Royal Commonwealth Society ( RCS ) have launch the “Commonwealth Conversation’ in KL Conventional Centre in May 2010. Therefore, IEA as one of the “Friend” of Commonwealth is being invited to join as the member of the conferences and forum.

The purpose of the event is to create a global forum to discuss topical issues including climate change, good governance and the role of the Commonwealth may have in relation to these.  

IEA as Friends of the Commonwealth (‘Friends’) is a people’s organisation made up of individuals who want to assist others around the Commonwealth. Friends are rights based, internationalist in outlook and based on shared principles and values. All Commonwealth countries are united by agreed common values and principals; and share a common heritage and language. We work together in a spirit of cooperation, partnership and understanding.


SSM Business Outreach Programme (January 2010)

International Entrepreneurs Association, UK would like to express our deepest honor and appreciation to Companies Commission of Malaysia for inviting IEA Malaysia Chapter as a bridge on mutual partnership with potential collaboration between Penang Chinese Town Hall, SSM and also IEA.

Nonetheless, IEA believe in the collaborative between SSM and Penang Chinese Town Hall on the outreach programme would definitely boost the excellent platform for Penang’s side and significantly enhances our effort to inspire young entrepreneurs in Malaysia into becoming successful entrepreneurs and being widely recognised in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

We believe Companies Commission of Malaysia involvement and guidance and also leading the way for Malaysia younger generation for cultivating entrepreneurial spirit as a start to create a bright path on contributing economy growth.

Nevertheless, I would intend to highly some of the outcome of the discussion and the view point of the department’s directors of SSM stated as below.

  1. Promoting E-Log / E-Info of SSM
  2. Promoting Cooperate Governance
  3. Promoting Social Responsibilities / Entrepreneurial Responsibilities
  4. Mobile Counter of SSM ( Registering & Renewing Business Services )


International Youth Chapter Sharing Session (Nov 2009)

The recent economy downturn has certainly brought about a degree of uncertainty over the job prospect for the soon to be university graduates and fresh graduates.  International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA-UK) Malaysia Youth Chapter is taking initiative to start a small medium international youth sharing session. Students’ representative from Yemen, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Jordan, Indonesia, Pakistan around different countries are here to join effort on the sharing session on “ How Youth in the modern world can make a different to country development”.

As IEA Youth leader, the sharing session also covered on how to offer an alternative channel for participants should they wanted to trudge a different path to achieve their goals. Moreover, IEA International Youth Sharing Session also wants to train up a team of youth to spreads the spirit of entrepreneurs to their communities, nation and the world. We believe that all the energetic leaders who attend this seminar have the enthusiast on entrepreneurship. So this seminar will give them an opportunity to explore and discover their potential to becoming entrepreneurs.


Graduate Ceremony of Diploma in Global Finance, Hong Kong (May 2009)

The 22 high-performing graduates of the inaugural of Professional Diploma in Global Finance come from three locations - Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, representing a diverse profile of business and support functions.

Professional Diploma in Global Finance was launched in October 2008. The program is exclusive to the Bank and is tailor made to ensure it is highly relevant to the participants' practical needs. The Diploma combines financial knowledge, industry trends, strategic management and leadership skills and is taught by IEA Affiliate Centre – United Lead International.

Throughout the 15 months, candidates also work on major learning group projects which are presented to United Lead International senior management at the end of the program with the aim that the research findings can be put to practical use.


Transitional Gathering of Youth – (Dec 2008)

International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA-UK) Youth Chapter and Entrepreneur Development Institute (IPK-UUM) is tailored to specifically suit the needs of innovating and cultivating “Young Entrepreneurship Spirit” among Youths eager to discover more experience and knowledge about the business world.

The transitional orientation gathering has been specifically designed to equip the participants with the opportunities to discover entrepreneurship and leadership through interesting training, activities and games. Participants will be learning about their potential leadership strength which will is Stand and Start preparing for change in Your Lives.

Other than that, the orientation purpose is to discuss and share their goals, action preparing to change, challenge they face along chasing their goals etc.

IEA Youth Leader believes that all of the participating students on this gathering will have high enthusiasm in entrepreneurship and leadership. Eventually the gathering itself is a pathway to provide them with opportunities to explore and discover their potentials to become future entrepreneurs and create a brighter world for everyone.


Social Entrepreneurial Responsibilities Cultivation (Nov 2008)

While entrepreneurial phenomena aimed at economic development have received a great amount of scholarly attention, entrepreneurship as a process to foster social progress has only recently attracted the interest of youth.

Therefore, IEA youth chapter start to stimulate economic progress by finding new and better ways of doing things. IEA Youth Chapter thinks that the time is certainly ripe for entrepreneurial approaches to social problems and carries out the first IEA Youth community programmes – ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ as a practice that integrates economic and social value creation that has a long heritage and a global presence

It combines the passion of a social mission with an image of business-like discipline, innovation, and determination commonly associated with, for instance, social entrepreneurs are needed to develop new models for a new century.


IEA Graduation of Mass Communication Student in Malaysia (November 2008)

A ceremony was held at Dasein Academy of Art’s main hall where nine mass communication students graduated with the IEA’s diploma and being awarded the certificate. Mr. Gooi, the Principle of Dasein Academy of Art, and Mr. Henry, IEA’s Asia Pacific Representative presented the awards to all the graduates during the ceremony. Later, both Dasein Academy of Art and IEA exchanged souvenirs to mark the beginning of the new chapter for both organizations.


Networking Speed Gathering Forum, Wales UK (May 2008)

In the 21 st Century we are defined by our networks in family, business and inter governmental connections. International Entrepreneurs Association, Wales UK explores these topics which are close to the heart of all our endeavours. Converting that understanding into action is a valuable skill and essential to our business success.

You will notice by now a marked difference between business of the late 80’s and business in the mid 90’s.  Economic downturns and world problems are taking their toll and building business is not as easy as it used to be.  New creative ideas and techniques, especially in marketing, are needed to keep businesses healthy, strong and growing.  Most people think that networking is essential and it is a worthwhile experience as it can help produce profits and sales for their organization. 

Networking has become an integral part of the business world over the last 10 years.  As with most commonly-used tools, however, may people who use these tools do not know how to fully implement the power networking can provide?  An effective method for successfully building, developing and implementing a network of key contacts allows you to take advantage of the opportunities that arise to exchange referrals for products and services. 

An entrepreneurial spirit together with a business idea makes good companions on the road to success. Although each networking experience you have will be different than the next, the principles and tools learned from this two-day workshop are universal.


Dream Makers Gathering (April 2008)

International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA-UK) Youth Chapter and Entrepreneur Development Institute (IPK-UUM) are pleased to jointly organize with IPK-UK and UPF on “Dream Makers Gathering” Forum falls on this coming April 2008 at UUM. Through out this meaningful collaboration, we sincerely hope that all undergraduate will have some abundance opportunities of exposure and inspiration offered by IEA UK Youth Chapter of Malaysia, together with IPK and UPF in developing the knowledge in entrepreneurship and leadership as well.

Un-doubtfully, we are going to invite young success entrepreneurs, leaders, and peace maker to share for their success during the memorable forum. Invitation Keynote Speakers will be based from different kind of background, races and fields. Nonetheless, they had only one key of success which is DREAM BIG. They are willing to spend their time for sharing and educating this factor of success to undergraduate through Dream Makers Gathering’s Forum.


Graduation of Business Administration UK (February 2008)

International Entrepreneurs Association, UK will uphold official graduation ceremony in Cheshire Wales, England . The graduation students are studying through distance learning in School of Business Administration of IEA. IEA International Development Chairman. IEA , UK is pleased to announced that IEA had achieved one step further for an international recognition.


Venture Investment Climate 2008 ( 23 & 24 May 2008 )

To support the on-going negotiation of Free Trade agreement between Malaysia and other country, IEA Asia Pacific Venture Investments Climate 2008 is tailored made to setup and providing another platform of partnership / sharing of ideas among entrepreneurs worldwide.

The Venture Investments Climate 2008 is the premier investment conference uniting investors and corporations from various industries. The summit, which comprise of several crucial objectives: from exhibitions, VC panel discussions, company presentations, interactive workshops to networking. It will attract top level and senior executives from different industries such as: Wireless, Internet, Healthcare, New Media, Telecommunications, Software, Professional Services, Investment, Franchising, Furniture and Venture Capital etc.

The Summit offers international investors who wish to develop new business partnerships or to raise capital, a rare opportunity to meet companies as well as entrepreneurs from Malaysia in the above mentioned sectors. We are inviting exceptional and highly motivated entrepreneurs and companies with unique market positioning to join us during this special occasion. We organize: on-the-spot feedback from international investment and corporate experts, to business presentations and pre-arranged One2One meetings with the partners of your choice. We assure you that the succession of IEA Venture Investments Climate 2008 will create new forces and opportunities in the world of entrepreneurship.

(For further information, please refers to IEA Business Development Center )


IEA HQ, UK AGM Meeting(November / December 2007)

International Entrepreneurs Association, UK will uphold an annually AGM in Wales , England . The meetings will be discussing about the future events and also the announcement of IEA International Development Chairman. IEA , UK is pleased to announced that Mr. Henry How IEA Asia Pacific Regional Representative to act as IEA international business services globally. Any Contractual Agreement, Business Deals and Collaboration will be deal with him before being approved by IEA , UK President.


Ultimate Transformation of Talent Professional & Business Champion ( 24 November 2007 )

IEA University Malaya Youth Chapter will be organising the above event in University Malaya Campus Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They are pleased to invites two international speaker to become their keynote speaker of the days.

International successful business woman & speaker - Ms. Kim Edwards ( Australia )

International Entrepreneurs Association, UK Strategic Planning and Management – Jin Tsen Siew, MBA( Strathclyde , UK )


Strategic Alliance Partnership ( 26 th May 2007 )

IEA Malaysia Chapter upholds a ceremony of Strategic Alliance Partnership between various parties after the Entrepreneurship Summit during the afternoon section. The ceremony itself will be based on three main categories:

To promote the interests of entrepreneurs, finance management & energy resources:

YB Lau Chiek Tuan, ( Penang State Executive Councilor & Chairman for Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs )

Dato Lam Wu Chong, ( DSPN,KMN,AMN )

International Entrepreneurs Association, Malaysia Chapter & Australia Chapter

The Association of International Accountant , UK

MyGreenOil Sdn Bhd.


Entrepreneurship Summit 2007 ( 26 May 2007 )

IEA , UK Malaysia Chapter upholds an Entrepreneurship Summit 2007 in Penang State Malaysia . It is jointly organised by IEA Malaysia Chapter & Australia Chapter to create Opportunity of Expanding Business across Borders between Malaysia & Australia . Nevertheless, the events itself also create a platform for local & international to network with each other to create mutual beneficial path.

The marvelous event is very successful with the participate of Association of International Accountants, entrepreneurs & professionals, NGO members & networks together with IEA both Adult & youth Chapter. During the events, appointment of IEA National Youth Chapter President (Ms Iris Lee) & appointment of IEA Patron advisors (YB.Mr. Lau Chiek Tuan & Dato Lam Wu Chong) had been carried out together with the officially launching of IEA Malaysia Chapter.

Various ceremonies, MOU & performance had been running during the particular moment and Press Conferences on the days had been held after the events section.

(For further information, please refers to IEA Business Development Center )


Press Conferences of Entrepreneurship Summit ( 4 May 2007 )

IEA Malaysia has officially launch IEA first Adult Events – Entrepreneurship Summit in Penang Development Center . During the events, IEA uphold a press conferences chair by YB. Mr. Lau Chiek Tuan to officiate the Entrepreneurship Summit 2007 with all the major Press Media in Report. Together with that, the events are supported by Entrepreneurship Development Director. Nevertheless, UUM students Ms Iris Lee, Ms Tracy Lee & also some of the students from Olympia College Penang will work hand in hand together as a committee of the events.


MCA SME Dialogue partners – Quarterly Lunch Dialogue ( 9 December 2006 )

IEA Business Development Dean has been invited to attend a Dialogue Sharing Session chairing by YB . Mr. Lau Chiek Tuan in Gurney Hotel. Almost 18 major association, NGO & parties joining the lunch session to exchange idea & services to improve the society needs.


Supporting Youth Festival – DiGi Street Blast ( 20 November 2006 )

IEA Youth Chapter of Malaysia taking the first glimpse of working closely with Inti Chamber of Commerce and also INTIMA, Inti College Penang for cooperative working hand in hand for prior planning and execution of DIGI Street Blast during 2 nd December 2006 at Upper Penang Street, Penang. The DiGi Street Blast itself believed to cost approximately RM 350 000 overall and it is estimates will be attended by 100 000 during the 1 days event. Nonetheless, IEA has successful granting some of the entrepreneurs to participate during the session of flips market.


Youth Entrepeneurs Network Forum ( 19 October 2006 )

Pioneers of IEA Young Leaders are upholding “Youth Entrepreneur Network Forum” held at Sunway Hotel Penang, Malaysia. The event had successful launch with more than 40 youth from Inti College , Penang . Special Guests from Autotrack Mr. Martin Lim & Mr. Marcus Lee had shared about their pathway of become an Entrepreneurs during the section to motivate the younger generation. Media publication from “Kwang Wah Yit Poh” had published the news twice during 19 th & 24 th of October 2006.

During the events itself, Mr.Henry How, Business Development Dean had officially launch IEA Young Network Members as another platform in IEA's Services for the first time in IEA history.


Human Resource Development Towards The Knowledge-Based Economy
Date: 12 April 2004 (1-5pm)
Venue: Bukit Jambul Country Club, Penang

As technology advances and globalization accelerates the pace of change, human resource professionals must re-think their organizational roles. Join us for a brief forum addressing the new imperatives for human resource leaders who work across cultural and national boundaries in the new global economy.


Human Resources Development
• Organizational Resources
• Future Roles for Strategic HR Leaders
• Readiness for Global Competition
• Grow your people, grow your organization

Achieving Competitive Advantage
• Leadership Development
• Focus on the increase of value and waste reduction
• How lean manufacturing and supply chain management enable your organization to achieve competitive advantage

Jointly organized by:
Paris Graduate School of Management
• Executive MBA from Paris Graduate School of Management

International Professional Managers Association, UK
• Certified Professional Manager in Supply Chain Management
• Certified Professional Lean Manufacturing Trainer

IEA Managment Consultancy
• Excel in Supply Chain Management Series
• Lean Manufacturing Workshop Series

Michael Wooi is a British veteran in the educational industry. Mike has an illustrious portfolio in establishing educational entities, programs and partnerships. As Chairman of IPMA, United Kingdom, Mike is also the regional director for many university programs and for more than 2 decades, he had made extensive inroads into the Asian region bringing management, engineering, computer and other programs from Universities based in UK, US and Europe.

Henry How is the managing consultant in IEA Management Consultancy which trains thousands of industry leaders in areas of Supply Chain Management and Lean Manufacturing. As a consultant, he had helped Fortune 500 companies in turning around their warehousing management, reengineering their materials processes, carrying out factory-wide barcode implementation, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), and Kanban system. He possesses wide knowledge in SCM system solutions, Lean manufacturing, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), CRM and ERP system integration. Today, Henry is one of the highly sought after Supply Chain Management & Lean Manufacturing trainers in Malaysia and Singapore.

Herbie Phoon is an executive director of Dasein Academy which is a successful design school in arts, illustrations and graphic design. It was established in 1998 and has been winning numerous advertising awards with healthy student base. Herbie received his undergraduate degree from RMIT, Australia and he is now pursuing his masters qualification in Brand Management from Ecole Superieure de Gestion, France

Entrepreneurs Speed Networking Meeting
Venue: Bukit Jambul Country Club, Penang
Date: Jul 16, 2004 (Friday)
Time: 7:45 - 10:30pm 

Want to find more contacts for your business?
Would like to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs to share business ideas?
Want to learn how to network and grow your business?

First time ever in Penang, Malaysia, International Business & Entrepreneurs Association, UK is holding this Speed Networking Meeting. The following are the benefits that you are going to gain:
1) Get lots of contacts that will enable you to grow your business.
2) Able to learn how to network effectively towards success.
3) Able to brainstorm with other entrepreneurs on your business ideas.

Who Should Attend?
This workshop is beneficial for Sales & Marketing Agents, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners & basically anyone who likes to meet up with different people and also expand their networks in all functional areas.


Conference for Business Process Management
Date: 29 - 31 March 2005
Venue : Orchard Hotel, Singapore.

Need for businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiencies,
to achieve more while spending less has never been greater?

Business Process Management

Maximizing Organizational Capability & Performance with Intelligent Integration of People & Systems.

Business Process Management promises to be the solution for this need. However, there are many things you need to be aware of in order to reap maximum benefits from BPM initiatives with minimal pain. Join speakers from progressive organizations such as GE, Allianz, Shell, and JP Morgan who will be sharing insights at Asia 1st Business Process Management Conference.

The events will be organised by International Quality & Productivity Centre(IQPC), Asia Pacific. International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA) will be one of the official partners to help IQPC in promoting the conferences together.

Event website: www.iqpc.com.sg/AS-3021/f17


International Entrepreneurs Conferences in Beijing , China
Date : 23 - 25, April 2005

Jointly Organised by :

China Entrepreneurs Culture Research Association,China
International Entrepreneurs Association, UK

This is the biggest Conference of Entrepreneurship held in BeiJing in year 2005. It is a joint conference between the China and UK Associations. This conference will be attended by entrepreneurs from different country such as Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, United Kingdom and many more.

The Purpose of this conference is to help entrepreneurs from different countries share ideas, create business opportunities and better understanding when doing business in China. Besides that, it is a business networking opportunity for those who want to cater into China market. At the Conference, there will be programmes such as opening ceremony, public workshop, Networking Seminar & Business sharing workshop.


World Venture Summit 2005, USA

The World Venture Summit 2005 will bring together leaders, experts and practitioners from the global venture communities to share their ideas and valuable insights. This exclusive international investment conference, uniting venture capital with innovation, offers high value networking opportunities, dynamic panel discussions with prominent venture capitalists from the USA and abroad and presentations from international, early stage companies seeking initial rounds of venture funding! Companies selected, will be given the opportunity to present their breakthrough innovation to a leading audience of venture capitalists, private investors, corporate VCs, investment bankers, and strategic partners!

The event will be organised by Young Startup Ventures, New York (US). International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA) will be one of the Industry partners to help Young Startup Ventures in promoting the conference together.

Event website: http://www.youngstartup.com/events/?ysveid=74