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Become IEA Approved Awards Education Learning Centre

The IEA Approved Awards Learning Partner programme gives formal recognition to leading educational providers in establishing and developing partnerships as demonstrated through the Global Education Initiative.

IEA is increasingly advocating for the importance of entrepreneurship and the role that education plays in igniting it for the quality study, tuition and support that they offer IEA students. As an ‘Approval IEA Awards Learning partner’, we will help you focused on entrepreneurship education that would build the evidence base, raise awareness and bring together stakeholders from public and private sectors to design innovative education programmes and activities for entrepreneurship. These will give you a range of benefits and will help to enhance your brand through your association with us.

The International Entrepreneurs Association Approved Awards Learning Centre, defines the requirements of meeting the 'British Qualification Framework' and 'The European Communities {(Recognition of Professional Qualification) (First & Second General System)} Directive Regulation' as the TWO higher educational recognition and best-quality mandates practiced and implement in United Kingdom

Therefore, we must ensure that our qualifications can only be offered by institutions which meet our quality assessments and policies framework before becoming ‘IEA Approved Awards Education Learning Centre’ officially permitted. In order to achieve these, there are various aspects and requirements needed to fulfil, evaluate and deliver as the path to ensure the standard of provision that we and our student members expect. These standards are clearly set out in the guidance on how to meet IEA policies and framework as a new applicant as an ‘Approval IEA Awards Learning partner’.



Standard Procedures of Collaboration Guidance

With the strong support and involvement from IEA, UK service coverage, many exciting fields are developed into the system. Therefore, every particular covers different kind of services and exposure which will bring long term business expansion to those who intend to become IEA’s service provider. Each level needed certain specialties and levels of commitment in order to succeed in the process of implementing and providing services to customers.

Any parties interested in providing the IEA’ qualification and alliance with IEA may follow the steps to highlighted following this, or alternatively, approach IEA Business Development Center for detail information.

  1. Provide Letter of Cooperation (LOC) or Letter of Interest (LOI) from “Provider” regarding Collaboration interest and matters with IEA.
  2. Provide specific intention propose collaboration proposal write-up.
  3. Fill Up and Complete the Approval Application Form (A1).
  4. Discuss the Modal of Collaboration, that beneficial between both parties.
  5. Signing Standard T&C Agreement Contract (MOA / MOU) together with Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on the collaboration ties.
  6. For further compliance assessment regulations or procedures criteria, please refer to IEA, HQ – Business Development Centre for more details.  
  7. Proceed with the details assessment procedures and process of “IEA Approved Awards Education Learning Centre” by following IEA Approval Guide.


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