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IEA Continuing Professional Development ( C.P.D )

From joining as a student, progressing through the examinations, you will remain a member throughout your career until retirement. There are various aspects for different form of involvement which entails different level of responsibilities. There is on-going involvement between the Association and its student’s members, with a devotion to learning and professional development, assisted and supported by IEA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programme. As with any professional body, there is a code of ethics by which members must abide.

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I.E.A Membership Platforms

The International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA), England and Wales United Kingdom is a professional based body formed for the purpose to provide the society of business and entrepreneurs with the opportunities to participate, network, collaborate and share new ideas and across projects and in every aspect of business and industry.

Day by day, IEA’s work is making a difference, particular in entrepreneurialism developing regions. IEA provides a forum for the entrepreneur to network with like-minded individuals and learn how to be successful in initiating, organizing and managing new business ventures for profit while minimizing the risk of loss. Our flagship membership credibility is to improve and to create and foster a dynamic entrepreneurial environment for its members by providing innovative opportunities, meeting forums, and resources.

To enforce it successfully, IEA realised that the proactively engage development effort should start from a younger age and continuously enhanced over a long period of time. IEA recognises the critical need for continuous exposures and interactions for entrepreneurs to become an excellent leader in the business world. We promotes this diversity, strengthening grassroots organizations working in communities, building networks to link achievements and share ideas, creating opportunity for advocacy, dialogue and partnership.

We support and promote professional entrepreneurial spirit in the manner entrepreneurs conduct themselves when dealing with people and organisation in the business and work environment. The entire associates, members, partners and clients of IEA will create a life-long continuous relationship between each other through the system life cycle in business environment. We believe that these cultures will contribute to our continued growth as a respected organization for entrepreneurs.


Membership Prospectous

The International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA) works with entrepreneurs in a collaborative style, playing a valuable supportive role. We also working closely with some of the VC, Investor and Business Angel community, its goal are to provide support and encouragement to create top-quality entrepreneurs across industries. Under the notion of IEA created specifically to in providing all entrepreneurs a platform through a well-established networking system to share information, learning from each other and explore every possible business opportunities.

In order to attain our purpose we promote and practice sound business principles, develop an informal atmosphere to stimulate the entrepreneurial capacities and mindsets for encouraging innovative business start-ups and foster a culture that is friendlier to entrepreneurship and members in the successful commercialization of their ideas, products and services.

Therefore with these relationships, the members of IEA will be beneficial for all level of society. Throughout our membership and examination scheme we can ensure that our members uphold the high standards of business practicing skills and expertise required by all level of business sectors of economic activities.  

Upon becoming IEA’s member, business owners and entrepreneurs will enjoy plenty of opportunities involve in different activities organised and governed by IEA and all its business alliances worldwide.  The unique combination of technical knowledge and practical experience now qualifies you to use the IEA letters after your name and enjoy the flexibility of career choices, reputation, dignity and leading range of services associated with being a member of the global body for professional entrepreneur.

Our comprehensive examination and qualifying scheme will enable individuals who wish to embark upon a career in business management to attain the requisite qualifications demanded by business environment today. Likewise, the knowledge acquired through our examination scheme will provide the individual with the skill and confidence to operate their own business successfully.

Chartered Membership

IEA' "Chartered and Experienced Membership" schemes offer the opportunity for individuals who have a background in entrepreneurship to gain direct entry to the higher levels of IEA membership by virtue of their experience.

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International Membership

IEA welcomes new members from diverse range of backgrounds. We offer a range of International Membership for all the external society the needs of collaborating with IEA. International membership platform is internationally recognised as a badge of excellence to match your professional experience.

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