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I.E.A Higher Education Continuous Route and Affiliates

University List
Holders of the Diploma and Advanced Diploma are eligible for the entry to the final year of the Bachelor of Business Administration / Other Bachelor Degree

Holders of the Graduate Diploma are approved for entry into the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) / Master Degree offer by the University.

Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM), Paris
Stratford International University, USA & UK
Su Zhou University, China
United Nation University, United Nation (UN)

Universities will recognise and consider IEA students for entering the university on case by case basis. Each applicant will be considered base on their academic merit but will also need to apply as usual through the normal channels with unit outlines of previous studies and transcript.

University of Westminster, UK
South Cross University, Australia
University of West England, UK
University of Warwick , UK

Professional Body List
Holders of Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Graduate Diploma are granted for corresponding exemptions from the Society's Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Marketing, and International Marketing

London Stock Exchange Academy, UK
The Associates of Business Executive, UK
International Council for Higher Education, USA
Beijing Entrepreneurs Union Association, Beijing China
China Entrepreneurs Association, China

Colleges / Institution List
IEA Advanced Diploma is equivalent to the Higher National Diploma and the IEA Graduate Diploma is equivalent to a Degree in the country. These colleges had recognized and accepted IEA courses as full and complete courses for the student to study. Moreover, it also accepts  the students to  further their studies in their Campuses.

Brentford Academy (Penang), Malaysia
Nagasaki Junior College, Japan
Stratford College London, London
Howick College, New Zealand
Dasein Academy, Malaysia

 Accreditation Body List

Asean Foundation, Indonesia
International Quality & Productivity Center, Singapore
Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong

Many more recognition and educational pathway, please refer to : List of Affiliation