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Become IEA Examination and Assessment Centre

In developing entrepreneurial graduates, entrepreneurship education has a crucial role to play. It can be understood as lifelong process which develops individuals’ skills, attitudes and behaviouors. For effective entrepreneurship education, the curricula over the years must be consistent and coordinated and entrepreneurship education should continue at higher education institutions.

The IEA Examination Centre is a statutory body of the International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom responsible for the administration of pubic examinations and related assessments focusing on education for high growth and opportunity entrepreneurship.

IEA United Kingdom developed the foundation exams to ensure that those without the traditional entrepreneurial education background are given the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and the acumen required to be successful and fully prepared for the IEA Programme.

The IEA assessments are held at our approved exam centres and these can be in a study centre, British Council office, college or university, or a hotel or conference centre. Types of venues vary from country to country and are available all over the world, all you need is a suitable environment, an invigilator and approval from IEA’ authority.

Following this, a visit to your premises will be arranged with one of our External Verification team for the actual authorization approval of being our IEA examination board.