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I.E.A Professional Qualifications - Outstanding Programme to Recognised Entrepreneurs

There are many professional bodies for accountants and auditors throughout the world; some of them are legally recognized in their jurisdictions. But there is hardly to find an entrepreneurial professional body that is well-prestige in recognising profession in entrepreneurship. Once a person achieves professional qualification in a given area of study, they have undergone examination by some form of governing body or professional association that is willing to assure the candidates competence in the given field of knowledge.

The International Entrepreneurs Association, UK is one of the prominent UK based professional body and the world’s only examining board offering international recognized professional qualification in entrepreneurship education and membership platform. We developed Professional Qualifying Programme to meet the needs of start-up entrepreneur; Business personel; entrepreneurs and ought to be top level executives working in both Public and Private sectors. This Professional Qualifying programme has been carefully designed to enable participant to play a significant role in the development of their needs in today's globalise market, knowledge based economy and growing e-economy.

In order to apply professional standards, increase the level of practice, and protect the public, this professional qualifying programme will allow experienced entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants, trainers, chief executives, executive directors, general managers, senior managers, head of departments, practicing managers and professionals from various disciplines and self-motivated degree fields holders to attain, through rigorous study and examination, the qualification of Certified International Entrepreneur(CIE). This is intended to be portable to all places a certified professional might work. Of course, this generalization increases the cost of such a programme; the process to establish a legally defensible assessment of an entire profession is very extensive.

Entrepreneurial Series of Programme

Professional Certified Series International Business Series
Business Improvement Series Leadership Development Series
Management Series Communication Series
Human Resource Management Series Entrepreneurship Development Series

This programme will enhance their professional competence, prestige and personal career enhancement within the globalised environment of today. The courses of studies for the Professional Certified Programme will be delivered entirely by Distance Learning and requires candidate to fulfil the rule & regulation of the association. The Professional Qualifying Programme draws upon the most essential components of the needs of entrepreneurial skills.

Our association, as an International qualifying body, provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to be examined and earn one or more of our Professional Awards that will ultimately lead them to the licensing stage as Certified International Entrepreneur (CIE). The above are only some list of our Professional & Certificate level. In addition, the IEA also provide services for training organisations and affiliate partners in designing, developing and implementing various specialist series awards including:

Entrepreneurial Accounting and Finance; Social Entrepreneurship; Lean Entrepreneurial Start-up; Advertising & Brand Management; Customer Relationship Management; Entrepreneurial Management; Health Care Management; Hospitality Management; Human Resource Management; Supply Chain Management; Logistics and Shipping Management; Network & Marketing Management; Project Management; Production Manufacturing Series; Property Management; Tourism Management; Language Development; Organisation Development; Lean Management; Coaching Development; etc......