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IEA' Honorable Internal Membership

  Honorable Internal Members


I.E.A' Adult Chapter ( IMIEA-AC )

The International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom was founded as a professional awarding body to deliver the unique of professional British qualifications and earn the tremendous membership designation and recognition as an IEA holder which comply with IEA’s membership regulation practice. As IEA leading membership designation holders, it is only eligible for those who are going through stages of standing requirement which determines by the qualifying examination scheme of IEA.

As some of us may intend to be part of IEA families but obligate in taking part of the scheme. Now, there is alternative ways, IEA believe in foster the development of the entrepreneurial spirit and to recognize the contribution of entrepreneurs to business and the community. IEA membership is now open to all who share our vision, mission and values irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, age or any political affiliation.

At IEA, we do not limit our service as an ordinary professional membership organization; we believe that by opening IEA Adult Chapter as one of our flagship membership platform will provide opportunities to help to promote the general welfare of the platform which encourage the efforts of entrepreneurs in business and the local, national and international community.
At IEA Adult Chapter, we believe in doing things out of the box by providing fresh and innovative ideas. We avoid the mind set in how things are done the corporate and traditional ways. As we are practice “Giver Gain philosophy” as part of Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility which will lead our members become successful in many facets of business.

People like-minded have aspirations; dreams of building a prosperous business career, and are always thinking of new ways to defy gravity. We learn from you on how to improve ourselves to give you the best experience possible.

Our membership platforms are designed and formed to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit and to recognize the historical significance of entrepreneurs in developing a strong community, and to the extent possible, to help ensure that an economic climate exists in this country that allows the development of entrepreneurial enterprises.


IEA' Investor Panel ( IMIEA-IP )

At the present time, businesses have traditionally lacked access to capital and resources needed to grow their companies. To fulfill the needs and requests of the trends, International Entrepreneurs Association will harness this growing collective and channel into a brand new membership services called IEA Investor Panel. IEA Investor Panel is made up of individuals and organizations as professional investors, business angels, VCs, government agencies, public and private institutions including banking and finance representative.

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IEA' Advisor Panel ( IMIEA-AP )

In an increasingly globalized business environment and a connected universe, collaboration and knowledge sharing among professionals is an imperative. To further this need, International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA), UK has formed a panel of advisors who represent the various sectors of its membership. The IEA Advisory Panel will ensure that the entrepreneurial process addresses the interests of the entire membership community, and includes leaders in collection development, preservation, and information technology.

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