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I.E.A Membership' Benefits - Life-Long Professional Entrepreneurial Platfrom

The IEA Entrepreneurial Membership platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship encourages and promotes innovative behaviors resulting in business start ups, a prepared workforce with the skills necessary to succeed in the knowledge economy, and a generator of applied knowledge to solve problems with innovative solutions.

IEA’ Membership shows that you have reached a certain level of expertise in your profession, and adds to your credibility. It also shows that you are serious about your career and professional development

Benefits of membership may be discounted subscription rates for the publications of the society. Many of these societies award post-nominal letters to their memberships. International Baccalaureates Membership Prestige Recognition status, and the IEA designations and lucrative entrepreneurial profile are recognised and respected internationally as the mark of true entrepreneurial professionalism. Recognition and holders of IEA are recognised throughout the industry as knowledgeable and competent in their field, with a personal commitment to continual professional & innovation development.

Over time we IEA incubate the projects to eventually make a cultural impact by creating progressive change. The various project leaders are entrepreneurs who utilize the opportunity to partner with IEA to grow their projects to sustainable levels. By supporting projects that perform fieldwork in various arenas, IEA is able to enter small communities with constructive innovations at a grassroots & youth level and at the same time concentrate on long-term improvements dealing with social and economical reform.

IEA Membership platform demonstrates a selection of the available opportunities; however the range of possibilities is much greater than can sensibly be shown. It is, for example, possible to move between membership categories by means of additional educational attainment, further professional development or a combination of both. Through its international membership, the IEA is making a hugely influential contribution to one of the world's most important industries.