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IEA' Honorable Internal Membership

  Honorable Internal Members


I.E.A' Advisory Panel ( IMIEA-AP )

In an increasingly globalized business environment and a connected universe, collaboration and knowledge sharing among professionals is an imperative. To further this need, International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA), UK has formed a panel of advisors who represent the various sectors of its membership. The IEA Advisory Panel will ensure that the entrepreneurial process addresses the interests of the entire membership community, and includes leaders in collection development, preservation, and information technology.

The purpose of the IEA Advisory Panel is to help foster a greater professional understanding of global and practical issues related to technology, technology development, project management, people management and related matters by sharing insights and ideas. Nonetheless, IEA set up an advisory panel of performance improvement specialists whose expertise will help enrich other professionals globally and create a network of individuals and organizations with similar developmental goals. In addition to the outstanding group of professionals & entrepreneurs selected as IEA International Membership Advisory Panel, we have gathered advisors from organizations and groups that will bring credibility respect and authority to the membership created and administered by IEA.

These individuals from key sectors have been involved in ongoing discussions on the changing economy and will continue to offer their insight and ideas as part of an economic advisory panel. These Advisory Panels, innovative in the world of credentialing, will help IEAs’ members address the complexities of business ethical in a respectful manner and ensure the transparency of the development process.

The Advisory Panel (AP) oversees the implementation and operation of the International Membership of IEA (IMIEA) member body programme. The IMIEA - AP is also responsible for making recommendations to the IEA Board about the membership application process including recommending new applicants for membership. The advisory panel will also ensure that the rest of the members concerns and voices are reflected in the discussions of the panel. Nevertheless, the advisory panel will make views known to representatives of regional and national government and will 'champion' the causes of IEA membership reflection.