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I.E.A' Chartered Membership Platform

IEA's Chartered and Experienced membership schemes offer the opportunity for individuals who have a background in entrepreneurship to gain direct entry to the higher levels of IEA membership by virtue of their experience.  

IEA has many structured routes to membership for almost any level of experience. IEA has developed a number of routes to enable individuals - from students, school-leavers through to professional, entrepreneurial business owner - to gain full IEA Chartered membership. IEA Chartered membership offers an internationally recognized professional qualification that will increase your status in the sector that you operate within. The correct route to IEA membership to suit you will depend on your current level of professional experience, the qualifications that you hold and your current role.

Every applicant for Chartered Membership is required to sit the Professional Review. Chartered Member status, and the designations, are recognised and respected internationally as the mark of true Entrepreneurial professionalism. There are several grades of IEA Chartered membership:


Student of IEA ( SIEA )

Student routes to membership are aimed at those engaged on or with an IEA accredited undergraduate. Applicant for full Membership status must be a former student of IEA and must complete the examination set by the association. However, the membership for student can be obtained if they contribute a certain project for the association This route have been developed to recognise that some student will have considerably more work experience by the time they complete an accredited undergraduate degree. Only the student of our association is entitled to use the designation letter as SIEA.


Member of IEA ( MIEA )

This membership grade is for individuals who can demonstrate a good, detailed level of knowledge of an area of dispute resolution. Applicant for full membership status must be 21 years old and above with minimum of five years post licensing work experiences. One of the main requirements for the membership is, he/she must be former student of our association.

Members of our association are entitled to use the designation letters as MIEA. Member is also expected to comply with our association's Membership Regulation Practice.


Associate of IEA ( AIEA )

Applicant for full Associate Membership Status must have minimum of 10 years post licensing work experiences as an entrepreneur and minimum five years membership (MIEA).  This 'entry-level' membership grade is for individuals who can demonstrate some suitable prior knowledge or experience of non-court dispute resolution, but it is necessary to have at least Bachelor Degree.

Associate members of our Association is entitled to use the designation letters as AIEA but do not receive voting rights regarding appointment. Member is also expected to comply with our association's Membership Regulation Practice.


Fellow of IEA ( FIEA )

To apply for Fellowship, you will have made a prominent contribution to the advancement of the entrepreneurship, and gained no less than 15 years’ experience in a position of senior and successful entrepreneur responsibility. This is awarded to senior members of IEA recognising their talent, expertise and particular contribution to the profession and association.

This could be in the practice, application or teaching entrepreneurship; managing a team of professionally qualified entrepreneurs; or concerned with the senior management, direction or commercial activities of association. Members of our association are entitled to use the designation letters as FIEA. Once you achieve final stage the professional review of the highly experienced and renowned entrepreneur with the opportunity of direct entry into the Fellowship level. It is special membership route only available to very exceptional individuals with minimum five years Associates (AIEA) and only be appointed or honored by the association top management. Member is also expected to comply with our association's Membership Regulation Practice


IEA Continuing Professional Development ( C.P.D )

From joining as a student, progressing through the examinations, you will remain a member throughout your career until retirement. There are various aspects for different form of involvement which entails different level of responsibilities. There is on-going involvement between the Association and its student’s members, with a devotion to learning and professional development, assisted and supported by IEA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programme. As with any professional body, there is a code of ethics by which members must abide.

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