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Foreword of Membership Patron

WITH WARMEST WLECOME TO IEA MEMBERSHIP STATUS – The International Entrepreneurs Association for Professional and Entrepreneurial Designation & Recognition Platforms. Congratulations on obtaining and achieving our prestige qualification membership status as an IEA member. We are delighted to welcome you and are dedicated to supporting you throughout your career in entrepreneurial and business world.

The challenge of transformation lies in finding innovative, sustainable and equitable development paths; in addressing social and environmental imperatives as well as economic ones. Aspiring Entrepreneurs-to-be should be proud for being associated with this international body, run by dedicated individuals and leaders, with a shared vision of developing more successful entrepreneurs, subsequently leading the way in developing the nation’s economic growth and global reach.

As we look ahead it is clear that strong universal entrepreneurial association are essential in addressing this agenda with consolidated and expanded its membership programmes objective and building partnership with governments, parliamentarians, the private sector, civil society and global professional NGOs and organization. Adapting to climate change, cultivating entrepreneurial spirit, strengthening networks, building respect and understanding between different identities and communities – these are not issues for governments alone.

It gives IEAs a great pleasure to congratulate the ambitious team of IEA Member’s Leaders in campaigning to promote and committed a strong, credible and effective of IEA’s Chapter’s commitment towards developing Entrepreneurs globally.

With an ever-increasing demand for highly-skilled and experienced graduates by the Corporate World, IEA comes as a golden opportunity to provide platforms for every level of professional and youths to grow both professionally and personally. With the vast amount of resources and entrepreneurial trainings provided by IEA, once may now realize their potential of being the next prominent business figure in the global context.

IEA’s members delivers a Entrepreneurial-Centric approach towards its development, highlighting the cultivation of valuable organisational skills and traits, like entrepreneurship, business ethical, professional leadership, innovation and problem-solving through its many activities. The presence of a selective panel of highly experienced business-advisors and the global IEA network provides you with the chance to actually ‘Make It Happen!’

IEA’s commitment towards empowering entrepreneurs and business venture provide a glimpse of bright future to you all.

‘Take the Challenge! Seize Your Opportunity Now!’

Patron of Membership Council
International Entrepreneurs Association