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I.E.A Miscellaneous Itenary

Operation Guidelines

Every association or businessman will have their own model or system to work with. Without a proper system, aims and goals cannot be achieved easily. IEA possesses certain curriculum guidelines for certification programmes that are designed to ensure that there are consistencies in procedures and practices by all providers. Quality of provision, control of academic aspects of the programme will result in confidence in system and more important, to assure all potential students that they will get good values from their personal career investment.

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International Commerce Publication

Globalisation has created a rapid growth for international businesses. To disseminate the latest news on the regional commerce to the global audience, IEA International Commerce Publication packs rich information and insights from the decision makers into a tabloid of platform for international industries and specialists seeking to reach the right audience worldwide. Apart from providing vital exposure for new products and services, it is a valuable aid to help build your branding as well as networks.

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Nowadays, the business world is becoming more and more competitive. We are now in a knowledge based economy. Every business needs coach and plan in order to excel in the rat-race society. Yet, IEA will try the best to serve the students & entrepreneurs through different kinds of approaches, providing services to the needed entrepreneurs and companies. With all the respect, entrepreneurs and companies can send some feedbacks and comment will help to enhance and increase IEA's qualities and provide a better services & programme to the society.

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International Entrepreneurs Association, UK - Internship Programme is one of practical approach for students to have a better preparation in the real world environment and exposure. IEA Internship Programme not only provide the platform for students & youth to gain experience but also provide the student the opportunities to cultivating themselves in entrepreneurship spirit.

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Endorsement Programme

Consideration of liberation to design and develop with us in your own programmes to meet your clients' needs will certainly increase the services and also more linear for targeted at different levels of needs. With every aspect of new curriculums launched by the provider, IEA require the course's detail to maintain and ensure the standard of the programme.

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Event Communities

International Entrepreneurs Association ( IEA ) will also host, organised, support and contribute in Public Workshop, Fair, Seminars, and also conferences for time to time with different organisation and event’s organiser. We bring together industry leaders, venture capitalists and other financiers, entrepreneurs and our own business intelligence team to share ideas and present our research-based discoveries. Attendees explore the strategic shifts and disruptions that new technologies will have across the globe. Respected industry leaders gather in a dynamic forum and events for lively conversations and penetrating questions about the business of technology, innovation, and opportunity.

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