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I.E.A Articulation Transfer Programme

International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom (IEA, UK) is educational professional awarding body founded with the purpose of cultivating new generation of youth into becoming the elite future generations of professionals and entrepreneurs through IEA’s unique educational articulation system.

Today’s academic world is operating on a different platform from our world twenty years ago. Students are not necessarily expected to move directly from high school into university for undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Future policy, goals, and conditions consistently changes, therefore students make decisions in certain stage of their life to study in some educational institutions and may decide to change later. Some of the most common transfers are those between two different universities, from community colleges to universities, from one community college to another, and from a technical school or vocational training centres to community college or university.

Nonetheless, IEA has developed a Transfer Guide that contains professional programs or courses which are delicately developed, most appropriate for the transfer of community/junior college students who plan to obtain IEA’s professional qualification. This is to ensure courses or program with credits hours earned from one college or university are accepted for credit transfer or advanced standing toward an undergraduate program offered by IEA. Students or undergraduates who have attended any academic studies in any college or university may be eligible to transfer some or all of their credits earned towards obtaining IEA’s recognition and professional qualification.

IEA consistently initiates efforts to ensure professional evaluation of academic courses and conduct appropriate revisions to be made whenever appropriate to ensure the accuracy of each transfer opportunity. Requests for evaluation of such credits should be made after the first official meeting and the written acceptance directly from IEA. However, from time to time, changes will be made in courses offered, admission requirements and credit transfer granted by the IEA.

The Credit Articulation and Transfer Accreditation (CATA) unit within the IEA’s registrar is responsible for evaluating credit transfer, identify and match course-by-course equivalencies. Students who are interested should consult with the admissions registrar of IEA as provided at the end of this document.

Information on additional pathway opportunities or other alternatives such as Joint Award; Affiliation Alliance; collaborative programs; articulation collaborations and credit transfers between IEAs and other colleges/universities is available for further discussion.

For IEA Articulation Credit Transfer Criteria, please refer to : Accredited Policy