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I.E.A Collaboration and Partnership Alliance

Today, our education needs are dramatically different from the last century, and International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA) has responded with an evolutionary kind of innovative collaboration strategy to create a better and practical education to the young generation. Therefore, it is IEA’s paramount objective to ensure all potential students are getting excellent investment value from their educational effort.

IEA’ applications for undergraduate courses and professional qualification programmes in UK higher education are made through the “Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)” with the fulfilment of ‘British Qualification Framework’ and ‘UK Quality Code of Higher Education (QAA)’. Unlike in other European countries, the British government does not own the universities' assets and university staff are not civil servants. United Kingdom universities and professional awarding bodies are therefore better described as autonomous, intellectually-independent institutions with public funding, rather than public universities per se.

An excellent education sector distinguishes itself through its variety of collaborative efforts. Since humans are social beings, partnerships between individuals, businesses, interest-based organisations, school, governments, and varied combinations thereof, have always been and remain commonplace. International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom is keen to foster and grow international collaboration that supports and enhance our entrepreneurial portfolio and philosophy and result in world-class context. . We are always open to the creation of new collaboration packages that are tailored to your company's needs. These collaborations can be at an institutional, group or individual level.

As for a strategic alliance or a synergies partner, International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA), is always grateful in its noble task of providing and cultivating entrepreneurs with continuous prestige recognition, professional development education and networks support on global basis. As renowned and dedicated entrepreneurial of top-notch professional excellence, we are delight to signifies that the partnership alliance acknowledged in establishing win-win collaboration beyond physical and ideological boundaries to be part of its global vision.

International Entrepreneurs Association is certain that such exchanges if mutual support will enhance the students, youth chapter and nonetheless, IEA, UK is pleased to have on the opportunities to collaborate with any sectors and may this be the dawn of a new chapter for both organisations that will further support efforts in developing young and successful entrepreneurs in the future.



IEA' Partnership Gateway Guidance - "Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs"

Entrepreneurship and education are two extraordinary opportunities that need to be leveraged and interconnected to unlock entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the global challenges. Only by creating an environment where entrepreneurship can prosper and where entrepreneurs can try new ideas and empower others can ensure that many of the world’s issues will not go unaddressed.

We believe entrepreneurial skills, attitudes and behaviours can be learned, and that exposure to entrepreneurship education throughout an individual's lifelong learning path, starting from youth and continuing through adulthood into higher education - as well as reaching out to those economically or socially excluded - is imperative.

Interested in delivering our professional entrepreneurial and businesses qualifications, perhaps those who are interested may consider on collaborate with us to become qualified of our standard services provider.

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