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I.E.A Membership' Philosophy

The International Entrepreneurs Association is playing a greater role in recognises the critical need for continuous exposures and interactions for entrepreneurs to become an excellent leader in the business world. The trends that shape and stimulate the entrepreneurial mindsets of young people, encourage innovative business start-ups, and foster a culture that is friendlier to entrepreneurship are dynamic and constantly changing, presenting both opportunities and challenges.

Development challenges such as economy crisis, climate change, human rights are increasingly experienced on global level and across many sectors. Some associations/societies offer membership to those who have an interest in a particular subject or discipline, provided they pay their membership fees. Older and more academic/professional associations may offer associateships and/or fellowships to those who are appropriately qualified by honoris causa, or by submission of a portfolio of work or an original thesis.

IEA Membership Mission Philosophy gathering of its kind, bringing together investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, professional, business profession, policymakers and thought leaders to assess, debate, and advance the ideas that entrepreneurs are spearheading and the success they have achieved to advocates promotion of dignity of entrepreneurial gratitude and behaviours.

Our philosophy is grounded within a rights-based approach, sustainable flexibilities and multi-faceted, yet connected where those are able to voice their aspirations individually and collectively express themselves for public good at local, national and international levels by facing global challenges, building strong communities and promoting entrepreneurial rights.

To cultivate and inculcate entrepreneurial aspiration among in- and off-campus communities with the aim to produce entrepreneurial society capable of generating wealth for the society, the IEA Professional Membership platform is committed to bringing together students, entrepreneurs, investors, and faculty with the hopes of building relationships and fostering an interactive learning environment to explore the world of entrepreneurship. 

IEAs membership mission philosophy provides a powerful cross-sector network that will mobilise the private sector under the banner of entrepreneurship. IEA believes that by raising the image and profile of entrepreneurs, developing emerging entrepreneurs, encouraging entrepreneurs to network and linking entrepreneurs with new opportunities, the mission philosophy will help develop an entrepreneurial culture and promote the IEA Membership Platform as hub for entrepreneurship both nationally and internationally.

Through this, IEAs see the golden age of entrepreneurship as just beginning. Our ultimate purpose and intention as conscious entrepreneurs is to help others on the same path, which will create a new network of powerful leaders who can shape our world into a positive, peaceful and happy place.

All of us know that our world needs to change in many ways, and it won’t change in any of them unless passionate, caring, and heart-centered leaders show up to be the forces for good in our world. We invite all of our partners to join us in our MOVEMENT of EMPOWERED ENTREPRENEURS dedicated to helping the world, dedicated to contributing, and dedicated to living a life of total freedom. The benefits we can all reap along this journey together are more rewarding than money could ever be with the IEAs’ Mission Philosophy Values:

  • To take the lead in encouraging a culture of enterprise by inspiring more entrepreneurs.

  • To fostering and developing entrepreneurial activities and interests in creating a culture where success is literally contagious and new mutually beneficial alliances are always being formed.

  • By practicing, encouraging and promoting as an innovative behaviors, it will create and nourish a thriving network that unifies academic, government, and industry leaders by turnaround the difficulty of competition into the vision of entrepreneurial success

  • To strengthen the dynamic entrepreneurial community environment and build momentum for emerging ventures by inoculate people with the entrepreneurial virus.

  • To empowered and incubate entrepreneurs’ community as an international accredited recognise licensing which holding distinguish designation gratitude status and lucrative entrepreneurial profile.

  • Mould a positive and ethical entrepreneurship culture with the “Giver-Gain” conceptualise model.