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Frequented Asked Question ( FAQ )

What is about International Entrepreneurs Association?

International Entrepreneurs Association is a professional education awarding body founded and origin from Cheshire Wales, United Kingdom for advocate distance learning and research approach blended learning on professional and undergraduate level.

Are International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom ( IEA, UK) has the authority for offering UK Qualification respected around the world?

IEA, UK is established in England and Wales, United Kingdom and granted by Companies House, Cardiff under the Law of Companies ACT 1985 and is a fully Recognised Qualifying Body ( ROB ) which its constitution allow to establish, carry out and offering  any level of undergraduate education programmes both under United Kingdom and globally. IEA level of the educational awards are legally granted to all students who meet the criteria of UK British Qualifications.  

What are the differences between Chartered Professional Body such as CIM or ACCA compare with the status of IEA Qualifying Body?

Charted Professional Body such as CIM or ACCA are highly granted and endorsed by royal monarchs  United Kingdom, whilst IEA evolve modern qualifying non-chartered register awarding body under limited by guarantee without royal monarchs endorsement. Both are an official legal education awarding body which highly accepted by British Qualifications Framework. (Example of Comparison: College between University)

What colleges, universities that accept International Entrepreneurs Association award as entry qualifications and will the awards I earn at IEA is accepted by other Univerisities?

That depends entirely on the institution. So far we have had no problems. Please refer to IEA, UK “Higher Education Affiliation” of Educational Institutions and Association recognised IEA Qualification. It would be very broad on the explanation coverage acceptance on admission and credit transfer criteria neither on IEA itself nor within others educational bodies as it will depend case-to-case basis.  You may refer to us for further updated list.

Other than Colleges, Univerisities and Educational Body acceptance of IEA Qualifications, do IEA well recognise on its reputation around the world?

IEA, UK graduates are recognized for their accomplishments in business, industry, international organizations, governments around the world on IEA’s both theoretical and practical education learning in profession of entrepreneurship specialization. Nonetheless, UK Education Qualifications are well acceptances globally on its quality control, which is the best proof of RESPECT AND RECOGNITION OF IEA’s qualification.

Why International Entrepreneurs Association much more flexible and special compared to other education body such as colleges and universities?

For several reasons. Firstly IEA, UK does not have a large campus and facilities which cause huge investment problem like colleges and universities.  In addition, IEA, UK is categories under Professional Awarding Body Association like ACCA and CIM status;  IEA, UK could operates with limited spaces or in a office type of location which is more convenient and delivering of the programme can either in rental facilities

For instead, education as multi-dimensional, which means IEA are not limited to the traditional classroom type or with distance blended learning concepts. Eventually, due to its status as a Professional Awarding Body, IEA programme offers only undergraduate level which is limited with conjunction of the constitution of British Qualification.

Are International Entrepreneurs Association award in various fields?

IEA, UK itself does have some major’s school of programme. As IEA offer primarily in entrepreneurs, management, accounts and business related fields only as IEA is a Professional Body specialise in Entrepreneurship concepts, it may be possible for us to award a appropriate fields which related.  

What if I don’t have an undergraduate qualification but due to my wide experience I want to enrol postgraduate/graduate programme?

We will work with you. Our Academic Director or Programme Advisor will advice you accordingly. You have to take our diploma course or relevant foundation courses to be prepared for postgraduate/graduate work. In most cases, it would be ad-visible to discuss with your programme advisor to expedite your start.

How and where can I enrol into IEA Programme?

Normally, IEA, UK undergraduate programme will adopt by IEA education provider (Colleges, Institution and etc) which conduct and run IEA qualification as a blended learning concept in local campuses on traditional methods.  Conversely, the needs of IEA courses or programmes are increasing tremendously and education today is in a revolutionary phase with many facet of expression. Therefore, IEA have an open enrollment system which could be further refer to http://www.ibizea.co.uk/special.html. Nevertheless, IEA will be having an E-Learning System in the near future and students could studies anywhere, any time, any place together with blended learning methodologies.

What other services does International Entrepreneurs Association offer?

Besides, British Professional Qualification that IEA offering as the majors’ education services to the society and after graduation, students will be granted IEA holders like ACCA, CIM, or AIA does as usual. However, IEA has offers alternative recognition for external membership that do not have to go through normal examination or studies and will be eligible to get IEA designation – International Membership of IEA ( IMIEA ).

These IMIEA platforms which are very useful to those who intend to become part of the IEA family to help each other in expanding their networks and businesses. Please refers to our membership website or contact us for further details.

Moreover, IEA will not limit our platform in any services; we are open for any discussion and collaboration with any parties with great ideas and talents on entrepreneurial related services.