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Why IEA and Why Professional Qualification?

As a global professional organization, International Entrepreneurs Association is committed to providing high quality services and plays a vital part in the provision of global education and platform.

Our comprehensive examination and qualifying scheme will enable individuals who wish to embark on a career in business management to attain the requisite qualifications demanded in today’s business environment. IEA not only being recognized by the reputable University and colleges, but it also well accepted by many professional organization around the world.

IEA has close connections with numerous reputable Venture Capitalist (VC), international investors and business angels which support and encourage entrepreneurs in various entrepreneurial initiatives .IEA is a UK-based non-governmental organisation that has extensive international networks which aims to cultivate and mount new entrepreneurs as well as working closely with established entrepreneurs to generate great impact in entrepreneurial and business world through creation of opportunities and innovations.

Professional qualification, trade certification, or professional designation, often called simply certification or qualification, is a designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job or task. Not all certifications that use post-nominal letters are an acknowledgement of educational achievement, or an agency appointed to safeguard the public interest. Therefore, in certain dispute situations the balance between these two aims may get tipped more in favor of protecting and defending the professionals than in protecting the public.

Professional association can often be an excellent source of employment information and job leads. Here is how in one can assist you with job hunting and your long-term career development:


Why Choose IEA?

You're serious about your career
Chartered membership demonstrates to employers and clients alike, your professional status and personal commitment to continuous development. Membership will mould a positive and ethical entrepreneurship culture to assist aspiring business-makers and established potential entrepreneurs and businessmen.

You have international ambitious
The IEA qualification is well recognised and respected throughout the international business industry. Coupled with an international branch structure and affiliation with other national institutes, IEA members are seldom at a loss for contacts wherever they are in the world and be familiar with the triple-win theory that goes beyond conventional limitations.

Having a life-Long & International Community
Provide support, ideas, encouragement to create successful entrepreneurs across global by working closely with VC, Investor, and Business Angel Community Encourage joint ventures among young entrepreneurs of all races

You want to develop your skills and expertise
Undercover the type of skills and tools that is required to guarantee networking success. The range of IEA membership opportunities ensures you get the progression route that’s right for you. Building an individual development programme that takes you to the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship.

The industry needs talented professionals Entrepreneur
Dynamic Entrepreneurial environment for its members by providing innovative opportunities in different forms of environment.There has never been a better time to work in the business industry with opportunities existing at every level. IEA Membership qualifying routes are available for bright young entrants or mature professionals with or without a background in businesses.

You want access to latest industry information
To keep members informed of all the latest construction developments, the IEA offers publications and advice in technical, legal, contractual and professional matters. Use the effective tools to promote business growth and increase market share

You need a voice in the industry
The IEA speaks for the entrepreneurial and business professional, advising government departments and other bodies on building education and practice to improve the climate in which its members operate. As IEA member, you can influence that voice to strengthen national and international economic development.