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Message from Board of Council

Today, our education needs are dramatically different from the last century, and International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA) has responded with an evolutionary kind of innovative programme. Indeed, International Entrepreneurs Association is a tribute as a significant professional body for advocate distance learning and research approach blended with entrepreneurship spirit.

21st century is a timely reminder of the need to be continuously creative, innovative and change. It is vital to enhance skills, knowledge, competitiveness, and leadership in such a time where dynamic changes occurring every second, faster than what anyone can imagine. Modern society needs lots of entrepreneurs with high adaptive skills who are effective, creative, innovative and courageous in entrepreneurship.

Quality of provision and the control of the academic standard of all IEA programmes are the key determining factors which influence student’s confidence level. Therefore, it is IEA’s paramount objective to ensure all potential students are getting excellent investment value from their educational effort.

IEA vows to continuously and consistently monitor its programme to instill high standards of learning for every graduate that comes under its programme. IEA is founded to strongly support “Experience-based” education and exposures, far more superior than the formal tertiary education that is currently adopted in most learning institutions.

In IEA, we believe that education and experience are closely related. The programmes are designed to enhance graduate’s career with practical and flexible approach, in which none of either family commitment or professional career should be compromised in the process. Experimental innovation in education is encouraged to the extent that it is developed and implemented in a manner which assures high quality level learning blended with strong integrity incorporated into the programmes. The association places emphasis in continuous self-evaluation and upgrading of curriculum, recognition, and continuous learning pathway in its programmes.

Although education has changed considerably in the last few hundred years, our overriding principle of quality education has remained the same. Today, IEA offers graduates educational programmes and skill–building courses that help to create a bright future. Indeed, what IEA offer is a true entrepreneur’s spirit of creativity and learning to meet specific needs for every possible business condition. In fact, academic qualifications, workshops and training can be customized to cater for personal, institutional or corporate needs.

There’s a wealth of knowledge to teach the young that the 21st century is theirs, with a chance to create great working and business environment. Let the students know what an honour and privilege it is to be accepted into the welcoming arms of IEA’s Educational System. Whether you are an ambitious professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, IEA will enhance your abilities and sharpen your business and management knowledge for a challenging entrepreneurship adventure.

Board of Academic Council
International Entrepreneurs Association
Cheshire, Wales England, United Kingdom