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  • IEA Core Values

There are professional organizations in every field. But are the yearly dues worth it to join? While each and every organization is different, the short answer is most often: YES.

Especially if you’re young and just starting out in your career.

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IEA Qualification At A Glance

IEA’s education system which is unique and enphasised on practical application is ideal for any graduates who wish to embark into a fulfilling and enriching learning. Following is the educational system applied by IEA:

IEA higher education categorise its list of services into the following major sections:

Education forms a vital part of IEA’s commitment in grooming successful entrepreneurs. The education initiatives set up by IEA represents a creative blend of innovation with flexibility in quality learning which focus on developing entrepreneurship.

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IEA Mission Philosophy

On the 21st  century is a timely reminder of need of continuous creativity, innovation, and change. Furthermore, it is vital to enhance skills, knowledge, competitiveness, and leadership in such a time with tremendous change. In an era with new challenges, entrepreneurs must dare to dream by, dare to look beyond the immediate choices at hand, dare to strive for the impossible, dare truly aspire.

Modern society needs lots of entrepreneurs with high adaptability skills and who are dynamic, effective, creative and innovative for enterprising. We, as International Entrepreneurs Association strive to give our best to create well successful entrepreneurs. IEA are constantly setting up new trends and activity as an entrepreneurial association to determine and to create a better life-long and practical higher learning & choice for the society. IEA is  venturing into new and innovative methods and programmes, aiming to lead the society, entrepreneurs, organisations, and students to knowledge-based society.

IEA sole mission is to provide the most extensive and professional platform for entrepreneurs from around the world to connect and interact with other equally enthusiastic entrepreneurs that share the same passion in learning, organizing and managing business successfully through IEA’s extensively developed networks.  We support and promote professionalism in the manner that in which the entrepreneurs conduct themselves when dealing with people, as clients and customers and organisations as partners and alliance members. 

Hereby, International Entrepreneurs Association mission statements are sets in three major categories.

Student as Mission Target
IEA will not only train students in academic or theoretical study but also in professionalism and practical environment to create well professionals and entrepreneurs in the society.

IEA will also provide the latest knowledge, technology and create a continuous learning environment for the students.

Entrepreneurs and Business person as Mission Target
IEA will help entrepreneurs to create must more efficient business approaches through Forum, Conferences, Meetings & etc.

IEA will help the young entrepreneurs to build up their business and idea become reality by helping them finding investors, VC, Business angels or even joint venture.

Organisation and Industry as Mission Target
IEA will help the organization and industry to become much more competitive by re-training the staff.

IEA's consulting and training strategy will help and coach the organisation to implement the workload more efficiency and effectively.