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IEA’ Professionalism and Public value

There are professional organizations in every field. But are the yearly dues worth it to join? While each and every organization is different, the short answer is most often: YES. Especially if you’re young and just starting out in your career.

Professional bodies are much more than a source of 'letters after your name'. They can help you in your career both before and after you graduate. They can also offer insight into how the industry works and how to navigate it, as well a professional development courses.

Professional institutions are the societies and associations that promote and further a career and the people who practice in it. You may already be aware of professional bodies and institutions because they accredit your degree course. This is one of a range of important activities they undertake to protect their profession's reputation, its practitioners and the general public.


Professional bodies: their role in your future career

In some professions, for example entrepreneurial, accountancy, surveying and in many areas of engineering, a professional qualification can be essential to practice. The relevant professional body will set the formal route for qualification, covering examinations and assessment, competence and experience required, and standards for professional ethics.

If you join a graduate training programme that is accredited by a professional body, that professional body will have assessed the employer to ensure that you receive the training, range of experience and support needed to give you every chance to qualify.

Once you have letters after your name you will need to maintain your standards to keep them. Your professional body will then provide guidance to make sure you sustain your competence and continue to develop professionally through accredited courses, e-learning and other methods for gaining experience, knowledge and skills.


Benefits of belonging if you're a student

You don't have to wait until you are employed to benefit from the resources and knowledge base of a professional body. Many offer student memberships. For free, or a very low annual membership fee, student membership to a professional body can be great value in kick-starting your career.


The IEA' Core Value :

Distinguish Your Profile.What could best frame up your accomplishments, your ideas, your hard work, your qualifications, your initiatives and your visions?

Escalate Your Career.Expand your horizons…escalate your career

Make the Best Investment.Start investing in yourself …get the fastest ROI, a ticket to commercial, educational, development and training opportunities.

Kudos.Being a student member of a professional body not only looks good on your CV, but also shows a level of early commitment to a career area, particularly if you get involved in the association's activities.

Network with Like Minded.Join the think tank of your fellow candidates. Seize the unlimited opportunities through networking with Venture Capitalists.

Do the RIGHT thing.Start drawing your roadmap to a fulfilling career and contribute to your organizational growth.

Lobbying.Professional bodies work to represent all their members' interests in their relationship with the media and the government.