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Student Testimonials

Graduation of Shanghai Labor College

Congratulation to Shanghai Labour College that have successful adopt IEA courses. It is also the 1 st batch of IEA students graduate from China. It is been a great honour to thank Shanghai Labour College for the supporting IEA Professional Course.

The total amount of the 1 first batch of fresh graduate student is around 20 people. It is a great achievement for the entire 20 student upon the successful completion of their international professional recognition diploma. IEA hopes that the students will continue to serve the society well by using the skill learns thru the college.

The below are some of the evaluation from the student regarding IEA.


Testimonials from Student.

" IEA is well know international professional body. IEA is a non-profit association that will provide a better recognition of certification for academic and professionalism. I am glade that I have the change to take up IEA professional examination that will help me in my career and also continuous study at our country. "

( July 2004 - Zhu Jun Le, Shanghai )


" I am gaining a lot thru IEA 3 years of diploma courses. Besides I have the chance to gain my theory of the courses, it will also provide me practical and also experiential learning. Eventually, it will cover most of the needed courses in my college"

( July 2004 - Zhang Jun Ping , Shanghai )


" I think I have not choose my education path together with IEA correctly, I am learning very must regarding the knowledge , practical and mostly also I get to learn how to become self independent person to suit my self in the different environment in the society"

( July 2004 , Zhuang Yi Wen, Shanghai )






























Professional Testimonials

"Introduced by a business partner to IEA allows me to broaden my current business into a more established company with systematic ways of handling day-to-day operation as well as creating company's vision and road maps to accomplish them."

Heng Infotech Computerisation - HH How


"Before IEA came into picture, our furniture retail business relies heavily on a single person who has more experience and a phonier to our company. Reason being, decision making and documentations are done by that particular person and by her very own way of doing things. By implementing the business system, I'm freed from day-to-day operation and concentrating on company's vision and mission. Thus, I'm now into plaster ceiling and wooden flooring business, which are additional businesses on top of interior design business that we setup a year ago. "

Siew Furniture House- Christopher Siew


"With the help of IEA, I'm proud to say that I'm being transformed from a humble entrepreneur into a business owner which enables me to have more time for other business opportunities and of course...holidays. "

Ginting Orchid Farm - Miss Teh


"With the proper guidance of IEA, our business runs smoother than what we expected. Every single detail from ordering process to logistics is well planned. Therefore, experience staff is no longer a major factor in our company. In addition, new staffs do not face any difficulties as standardization ease up the lengthy and complicated process. "

Futech Automation Solution - Marcus Lee

Student Testimonials

IEA is indeed an association that can help one to build up his entrepreneurial skills and allow us to practise our knowlegde that we have acquired from our universities. It also provides us the opportunity to learn from the people who are successful in the world. Through the guidance of IEA, I could learn and cultivate an optimistic mindset towards the business world which is vastly growing. Having a realistic dream is a good start as IEA will be a training ground for us to strive towards our dream in the future.

- Aaron Chan, The Australian National University & Pioneer of IEA Youth Chapter


'Those who are Successful today, always had a Starting Point. IEA is that Starting Point. Armed with its vast networks of experienced business leaders and highly capable students, IEA boosts the facilities and the mentorships needed for students and thriving businesses to excel in today's competitive market. Having the priviledge to be the Pioneer of the IEA Youth Chapter, the 'IEA-Experience' alone as taught me about Breaking Barriers and Exceeding Expectations in both personal and professional developments.'

- Michael Teoh, World's Top 16 Best Business Student & Team, SIFE World Cup 2007, New York .