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Examination and Control Mode

The Head Office of IEA is the main controlling body to maintain the standards of IEA courses & assessment. All the teaching materials, notes, and reference books must be first moderated by IEA before they can be use as IEA teaching materials. However, if the above materials are not approved or moderated by IEA Board of Council initially, it will not be considered as IEA standard material. The Ministry of Education of any country , British Council or a body, institution, college or a training organisation authorised by the IEA will be responsible for maintaining the quality and standard of IEA courses.

All the controlling bodies have the responsibility for the administration of all IEA examinations including receipt and security of examination papers, assessment, and testimonial of candidate, conducting examinations, invigilating, collection, and despatch of scripts.

IEA has examination centres worldwide. These centres had been authorised by IEA to comply with IEA requirements in terms of accommodation facilities and access. If there is no established centre in the region or country, the candidate will be required to find a professional & qualified person and centres to invigilate for examination purpose.