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About International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom

The International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA), England and Wales United Kingdom is an international professional educational awarding body and also a membership based association. We are one of the prominent UK based professional bodies and the world's only examining board offering internationally recognised qualification in entrepreneurship education and membership platform.

Higher education today is becoming more complex than ever and entrepreneurs are capitalizing on this market by making it more competitive and, hopefully, better. IEA,UK offers a different approach to teaching and, more specifically, developing entrepreneurs who can effectively compete in the twenty-first century’s global marketplace or global market-space. IEA, UK is leveraging and interconnecting two extraordinary opportunities “Entrepreneurship and Education” strives to satisfy and desire to build a premium brand by emphasizing the humanistic, scholarly, and practical aspects of entrepreneurship.

IEA supports, promotes and actively participates in activities that encourage and positively develop entrepreneurial efforts by way of continuously expanding its database or contacts business partners, clients and alliance members. The consistent upgrading and improvement efforts undertaken in its training programmes, educational courses as well as youth initiatives has enable IEA to uphold its highest standard of quality in all entrepreneurial efforts. All these practical programmes help IEA members and business partners or associates to gain the desirable confidence in running their respective business successfully.
















International Entrepreneurs Association has been granted UK government’s license and the authority to legally offer and conduct programmes at Professional and Undergraduate qualifications level. IEA,UK is founded in England and Wales (United Kingdom) during 1993 under the law of [[Companies ACT 1985]] at the Companies House, Cardiff. Its Constitution allows IEA "To establish, carry on and offer any level of undergraduate recognition of education programmes”. Under the Companies ACT 1985 and with the fufilment of higher education policy in the British Qualification Framework, IEA,UK has gaining a step of higher recognition in the education climate on its reputation and recognition. These recognitions are an endorsement of the Association’s qualification, and greatly increase the opportunities open to IEA members and students.

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IEAs' Services

International Entrepreneurs Association sole mission is to provide the most extensive and professional platform for entrepreneurs from around the world to connect and interact with other equally enthusiastic entrepreneurs that share the same passion in learning, organizing and managing business successfully through IEA’s extensively developed networks. We support and promote professionalism in the manner that in which the entrepreneurs conduct themselves when dealing with people, as clients and customers and organisations as partners and alliance members. 

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