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I.E.A Mode of Assessment Criteria

International Entrepreneurs Association will continually monitor its programme to ensure the consistently of high standards. IEA courses examinations & Assessments are held at authorised centres or institutions locally. The examinations conducted by the IEA on an external basis are to ensure that a standard quality aspects can be maintained to ensure the recognition of its qualifications.

Examination Questions papers and other assessments are set and marked externally by independent examiners moderators and markers from educational institutions, professional bodies and the industry. IEA external examinations form part of its assessment system and will form the total assessment requirements of IEA students together with the assignments and projects. All examinations papers will be forward and send to the head office in the United Kingdom or through the duly appointed representatives in the specific geographical regions for the moderations of the standard of IEA. Markings of such examinations scripts will be undertake and send to IEA , UK for record keeping if necessary.

The Examinations & Moderators for the local syndicates will be the first being approved and tested by the UK by Board of Council and examiners from UK who are senior lecturers from universities and other higher education institutions in UK .

IEA has co-operated actively with other awarding bodies in the UK and elsewhere to ensure that IEA awards reflect job-related competency as well as continuously reviewed academic excellence. IEA constantly aims to broaden and improve the quality of its qualifications to meet the current and future needs of IEA students as well as their employers. In order to achieve this aim, IEA conducts a syllabus review every three years and is in constant touch with industry. 

In order to ensure the thorough and fair assessment and maintaining the standard of IEA's candidates, the IEA employs the following modes of assessment for its examinations in different category of the courses.

Certificates / Professional Certificates Level

Candidates have to fulfils and send out final project for the courses they are undertaken.

Diploma / Advanced Diploma / Graduate Diploma / Professional Graduate Diploma

Candidates will have to fulfil the below criteria in order to complete the courses.

{Projects / Assignment} + {Quiz / Examination} + {Attendances / Punctuation / Attitudes}