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I.E.A Grading and Awards

I.E.A Courses Results and Awards

  • Candidates will be notified through the affiliates representative, Colleges, or even organisation that conduct, promote, adopt or run IEA courses of their examination & course results which is normally about two months after the examination or after the courses have been conducted.
  • The decision of the council is final and the association will not enter into correspondence regarding the results. However, the students can try to appeal and request for remark of the examination paper. This request can only be made once but the student must have strong reasons for the request.
  • Examination results will not be issued to any candidate, who owes annual subscriptions or any money to the association.
  • On successful completion of the courses and the academic programmes, appropriate award certification will be dispatched to successful candidates as soon as possible.
  • Special prizes are awarded to those who obtain the highest aggregate marks continuously for at least 5 times.


I.E.A Grading Level

Successful candidates will be awarded a graded pass or testimonial in each subject. Credits or Distinctions will be awarded where applicable. All result slips show alphabetical grades; it is not the policy of the Association to disclose marks obtained. The details below show the grades level of IEA.

Grade A = 80%+ {Distinction}
Grade B = 65 - 79% {Credit}
Grade C = 55 - 64% {Pass}
Grade D = 40 - 54% {Fail}
Grade E = 39% - Below {Disqualified}