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I.E.A Educational Pathway Route

The diagram illustrates the education pathway for the continuous life-long learning cycle of IEA. The student will be awarded a certificate at every stage of each programme. This means that they will also have a valuable qualification and recognition although they discontinue after completion on certain stage. IEA qualifications are recognised routes into other UK or abroad professional equalisations.

Holders of IEA qualification may obtain subject exemption in the examination of these professional bodies. IEA courses will also be accepted routes onto Bachelor's and/or Master's Degree of other UK, US, New Zealand, Australia and other countries' institution of higher education qualification paths.

Holders of IEA's Graduate Diploma are accepted for continuous study at Bachelor's Degree in any of IEA's associate universities with or without any working experience. However, it will only be accepted for further education at Professional Graduate Diploma Level {Similar Standard with Master's Degree} if the candidate has at least 2 years of working experience. Moreover, the Graduate Diploma is also eligible for an entry route to some MBA or Master's Degree programme. This is only available if the candidate the candidate has a few years of relevant experience. Subsequently, if the candidates already obtain our Professional Graduate Diploma and has quite a few years of valuable working experience,it may consider for exemption to continue study for MBA or even Doctorate Degree level at IEA's Affiliate Universities.


There are a few ways in obtaining a Bachelor's Degree or MBA/Master's Degree from IEA's affiliate Universities. The candidate will have a number of options, depending on their needs.

  • Study as a distance learning or E-Learning methodology{ Not all universities offer this kind of service}
  • Candidate can continue to further his/hers study at IEA's affiliate universities campus in UK, Japan, China, US, Australia etc.
  • Candidate can study locally at a private Institute, College accredited by the IEA affiliation university.
  • Or candidate can choose to study at a Local Government University in some countries.

All enquiries regarding university degree programme should be made with the admissions office of the relevant university. Please refer to IEA's affiliate universities list which considered IEA students for the entry requirements.