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Guidance For Becoming IEA' Services Provider

Most professional body’s programmes are open enrollment and embrace, but there must have its own policies and guidance processes which lead them to become their “Education or Services Provider”. IEA, UK comprehensive and collaborative policies and scheme will provide all the standard guidance on how to meet the required criteria and target to become our service and learning partner. Formal recognition will give our providers range of benefits and will help to enhance the needs of brand through your educational services with IEA. 

There is hardly to find an entrepreneurial professional body that is well-prestige in recognising profession in entrepreneurship. As one of the prominent British professional education awarding body and membership based association; Though The International Entrepreneurs Association, UK often act to protect acknowledgement of educational achievement, but also a body appointed to safeguard the public interest to maintain the standards and ethical profession especially in the fields of “Entrepreneurship”.

IEA centres benefit from the association with the leading entrepreneurial institute and in providing a framework for entrepreneurs to develop their skills and competence with IEA recognition.Entrepreneurs undertaking IEA programmes regularly return to progress through the qualification levels as their careers develop; a reflection of the quality that underpins our qualification design to make them relevant today and in the future.

IEA provide study centre, examination moderator and learning resources and various aspects of IEA delivery to all education and membership providers delivering IEA qualifications and services. The guidance and policies process to become an IEA collaboration partner will benefit from the highest levels of business support to help grow your business, whether you are a private training provider or in further or other higher education or services. IEA also offers Higher Education providers’ partnership opportunities, which will boost your offering when recruiting learners, by providing dual accreditation, pathways to professional entrepreneur practitioner and IEA membership benefits.

IEA Centres provide access to highly valued business management and entrepreneurial qualifications - start the process of becoming a Centre today >>>>>>>


IEA' Key of Collaboration Driving Forces

We believe that entrepreneurship results in increased innovation and sustained economic growth. We see enormous potential in investing in entrepreneurship education in order to nurture talent and develop the next wave of leaders and innovators who will not only create jobs and value for society, but also empower others to create a better future.

Recognising these opportunities, the International Entrepreneurs Association in the context of its mission to help create sustainable, scalable and relevant education systems through multistakeholder partnerships, has embarked on a process to advance Entrepreneurship Education as one of the key drivers of sustained social development and economic recovery.


IEA’s education system which is unique and emphasised on practical application is ideal for any graduates who wish to embark into a fulfilling and enriching learning. Higher professional education and training takes place at the non-university tertiary level. Such education combines teaching of both practical skills and theoretical expertise.


Many international accredited and recognition are created, sponsored, or affiliated with professional associations, trade organizations, or private vendors interested in raising standards. The growth of recognition standards is also a reaction to the changing employment market and evidence of practicing the profession standards.


IEA’ membership platform is seeking to further an entrepreneurial and business sector profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession, and the public interest. "We are group of entrepreneur in a learned occupation who are entrusted with maintaining control or oversight of the legitimate practice of the professional practitioners; and so "act to maintain professional entrepreneurial ethical privileged and powerful position as a controlling body.