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Benefits of Collaborating and Partnering with IEA

IEA's collaboration partnering gives formal recognition to entrepreneurial leading learning providers for the quality guidance and support that they offer IEA students. As the most recognized and dominant leading international professional entrepreneurial body, we encourage entrepreneurial actors inside and outside of the traditional public school system to develop and deploy genuinely new remarkable transformation approaches to schooling.

Our qualifications are based on extensive research with professional entrepreneurs and the wider business community to ensure they match the skills and knowledge required by the business world. It is the platform through which we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship, increasing the global availability of effective and innovative IEA course delivery and cultivate first-class youth entrepreneur.

Our programmes are fully regulated units and/or qualifications from the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) using the Institute Assessment Route and supplemented with excellent learning materials. Qualifications are available as Awards, Certificates and Diplomas spanning Levels 2-8. 

Each module is based on our unique Professional Entrepreneurial Frameworks designed to help entrepreneurs meet the increasing demands of them at every stage in their business.



Values and Guiding Principles

Through advancement of entrepreneurship education, IEA collaborative models bring together different stakeholders from public and private sectors, as well as practitioners, experts and members of academia and civil society, to share existing knowledge and good practices, raise awareness and work together to design innovative new approaches for entrepreneurship education.

To succeed in a highly competitive and ever-changing marketplace that values expertise and trustworthiness, investment professionals must be committed to furthering their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

We recognise the need of today’s busy marketer for flexible bite-sized learning and our portfolio has been created with this in mind. Each module can therefore be achieved as a self-contained award or can be combined with additional awards to form a full qualification.They are practical and cost effective to deliver, with a straightforward, streamlined application process. The flexible design enable centres to customise programmes for employers and we offer excellent teaching, promotional and administration support, saving you time and assuring quality.

Entrepreneurship education is critical for developing entrepreneurial skills, attitudes and behaviours that are the basis for economic growth. Access and exposure to entrepreneurship within educational systems at all levels are important as they are the outreach to target audiences outside of traditional educational systems. While entrepreneurship education is rapidly growing and drawing the attention of policy-makers, universities and companies alike, there is still very little research and documentation about models that are working and how they can be scaled.

IEA's collaboration partnering its proven record of success in establishing and developing partnerships as demonstrated through the Global Education Initiative.