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Collaboration Guidance Policies and Procedures

With the strong support and involvement from International Entrepreneurs Association, UK service coverage, many exciting fields are developed into the system. Therefore, every particular covers different kind of services and exposure which will bring long term business expansion to those who intend to become IEA’s service provider. Each level needed certain specialties and levels of commitment in order to succeed in the process of implementing and providing services to customers.

There is considerable scope for co-operation between institutions and individuals from around the world where IEA encourages and champions the course of exploring of every possibility for integration among affiliated members from all level. Opportunities are abundance in ways to work with IEA, UK with the aim to benefit all parties involved: IEA, providers, students, business partners and our society.

There are various aspects for different form of involvement which entails different level of responsibilities. The related documents below show the major services guidance of the ‘IEA Partnership Coverage Scheme.’




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